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Vineyard Supervisor

50th Parallel Estate

Lake Country, BC   Canada

Job Description:

The role of the Vineyard Supervisor is to assist the Vineyard Manager in keeping both the grapevines and the vineyard crew healthy and productive throughout the year. The Vineyard Supervisor reports to the Vineyard Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Lead Hand-Labor in the Vineyard
-Scout the health and growth status of each block and varietal on a regular basis and observe signs of pests and/or disease and other stress factors affecting the vines
-Work alongside the vineyard crew completing the following functions, ensuring a high level of quality and accuracy in the work: Pruning, pulling canes, tying vines, bud and shoot thinning, suckering, tucking canes, hedging, leaf pulling, crop thinning, netting, harvesting and fence/trellis repairs
-Collaborate with VM to ensure that the irrigation schedule and spray program stay on track

2. Maintain Facilities
-Supervise crew members to complete weekly jobs as assigned such as cleaning and organizing the vineyard shop, performing basic equipment maintenance and service, overseeing landscaping and gardening tasks around the property
-Proactively report any problems noted with equipment or infrastructure on the property

3. Supervise Employees
-Assist the VM in quality-checking the daily work of a crew of approximately 8 employees
-Oversee a picking crew of approximately 15 additional workers during harvest
-Help to train new employees in the techniques they need to work safely and efficiently
-Ensure that employees are given an appropriate amount of break and rest time each day and that these breaks are taken on a regular schedule
-Accurately estimate the time needed to complete jobs
-Set realistic daily goals for the vineyard crew and work together with the VM to frequently update these goals and timelines
-Motivate the vineyard crew to reach team targets and goals
-Seek efficiencies in work and suggest changes to method to save time or boost quality
-Focus on employee health and safety, make adjustments as needed to protect employees


Required vineyard experience:
-Minimum of 2 years vineyard experience is required
-Experience performing a wide variety tasks such as pruning, tying vines, bud and shoot thinning, suckering, hedging, leaf pulling, crop thinning, netting, harvesting, etc

Required supervisorial qualities and experience:
-At least 2 years of experience in a supervisorial capacity
-Excellent time management and ability to prioritize tasks
-Ability to communicate clearly and professionally with all employees
-Strong work ethic, ability to lead a team by example, and ability to motivate yourself
-Ability to train and motivate others
-Humility and a willingness to learn from colleagues and those you supervise

Top candidates will also have:
-A viticultural diploma and/or a strong understanding of grapevine biology and disease pathology
-Knowledge of safe work procedures for operating tractors and other vineyard equipment
-Ability to communicate in Spanish and/or Punjabi

Hours and compensation:

-This position is full time and will be paid on an hourly basis. Exact hourly wage is negotiable based on experience.
-The Vineyard Supervisor will work a minimum of 35 hrs/week in the winter (Nov-Feb) to a maximum of 65hrs/week in the summer and during harvest.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Wednesday, March 31st
Type of Work:
Full Time
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50th Parallel Estate