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Evolve Cellars winery literally to... evolve
Evolve Cellars' new home will be at 361 Martin St., in downtown Penticton BC, sharing a roof with sibling TIME Winery.
Phantom Creek Estates Announces Santiago Cilley As Chief Executive Officer
Santiago Cilley brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role of chief executive officer at Phantom Creek Estates.
Francis Hutt is New Winemaker for Phantom Creek Estates
Francis Hutt has made wine on both the north and south islands of his native New Zealand - in addition to participating in harvests in Oregon, Burgundy and Australia's Hunter Valley - developing a deep knowledge of organic and biodynamic winegrowing.
Hidden camera found in winery washroom, Kelowna man arrested
Kelowna RCMP were called to Summerhill Pyramid Winery Friday after a witness reported seeing what they believed was a small camera concealed inside a staff washroom
Coveted California Wine Brand Launches in Toronto
Usual Wines launches in select LCBO's starting August 17, 2019, entering the Canadian market for the first time and giving the modern consumer a new way to drink wine.
Galipette Cidre launches in North America with LCBO listing
The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) has listed Galipette Cidre as part of its annual tender for beers and ciders.
Hundreds attend celebration of life for British Columbia wine industry pioneer Harry McWatters
His accomplishments in the province's wine industry included founding Sumac Ridge Estate Winery in Summerland, See Ya Later Ranch in Okanagan Falls and Time Winery in Penticton. He was also a key figure in forming the B.C. Wine Institute, the Vintners Quality Alliance Canada, the Okanagan Wine Festivals Society and the B.C. Hospitality Foundation. The celebration of life showcased McWatters' love of wine, with wines for those in attendance and toasts to McWatters' legacy
Canadian government reviewing court decision prohibiting West Bank wine labeled 'Products of Israel'
The court decision was part of a three-year legal dispute over bottles of Psagot Winery and Shiloh Winery from the West Bank.
Mission Hill Family Estate Wins 'Winery of the Year' at the 2019 WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada
Iconic Family-owned Okanagan Winery Captures an Unprecedented Fifth 'Winery of the Year' Title; The Most Ever in the History of Canada's Premier Wine Competition
'Cork Screwed' takes a deeper look at Niagara wines
The upcoming season will continue much as the first, with the pair of everyday men exploring the depth and complexity of food and wine in Niagara from the viewpoint of the uninitiated. Both Gagliardi and deGroot conceptualized the show by drawing on their experience in the television arena. They wanted to do something at home and, while Niagara didn't have tons of studio space, it did have a breadth of wine and food culture. The only thing was the pair didn't know much beyond the fact red wine goes with red meat, and white with chicken.
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