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WTO panel to examine U.S. complaint on Canadian wine sale restrictions
The World Trade Organization (WTO) set up a dispute panel on Friday to rule on a U.S. complaint against restrictions in Canada's province of British Columbia on wine sales in grocery stores, a WTO official said
Canada's wine industry calls on Premiers to follow Premier Pallister's lead to cut restrictions on inter-provincial trade of alcohol
In advance of the Council of Federation meeting set to begin tomorrow, the Canadian Vintners Association (CVA) and its members are calling on the premiers to lift inter-provincial trade restrictions on alcohol. The group is also reiterating its support for Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister's call to his colleagues to end these restrictions.
Here's what 50 years of food supply data says about Canada's eating habits
The meat and potatoes of Canadian meals look more like chicken and rice
Quebec liquor store workers turn wine labels around as pressure tactic
Quebec operates about 400 stores through a government-controlled corporation and has a monopoly on all liquor and most wine sales in the province. Unionized employees are showing their displeasure with protracted contract negotiations and have voted to give their union executive the power to call up to six strike days.
Nova Scotia Vines Withered by Freeze
Historic, killing frost likely to affect next vintage, wineries plot path forward to salvage 2018
Government of Canada invests more than $11 million to advance innovation and growth in Canada's wine sector
Stephen Fuhr, Member of parliament for Kelowna Lake Country, spoke at the Canadian Vintners Association's annual general meeting, where he reaffirmed the Government of Canada's support for the wine and grape sector
TIME Winery almost open
Assuming TIME Winery passes its final inspections this week to obtain its occupancy permit, the business should be able to hold a soft-opening Saturday. TIME Winery's parent company ENCORE Vineyards also announced Wednesday the appointment of Graham Pierce as director of winemaking. He joins the company from Black Hills Estate Winery in Oliver
Brock to play key role in new Canadian Grape and Wine Science Cluster
Canada's Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Lawrence MacAulay, announced a commitment of $8.4 million in funding to establish the Canadian Grape and Wine Science Cluster, a collaborative project which includes university researchers, grape growers and industry partners in Ontario, B.C., Quebec and Nova Scotia
It's not easy to find B.C.'s Kettle Valley Winery, but its wines are worth the trek
In addition to their vineyards on the Naramata Bench, they've established Great Northern Vineyards in the remote-but-emerging Similkameen Valley, where they are able to grow, of all things, Zinfandel
Canada recreational cannabis sales to begin in October after historic vote
Canada ended 95 years of cannabis prohibition Tuesday, passing landmark legislation - Bill C-45 - that lays the groundwork for a multibillion-dollar marijuana industry
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Jamie Goode's Wine Blog
In Niagara, Canada: Hidden Bench
John Schreiner on wine
Little Engine shoots for the moon
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