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Toronto woman faces criticism over wine festival for new mothers
The weekday event, dubbed "A Very Mommy Wine Festival," was meant to give new moms a chance to get together and have fun without the judgment and "mommy-shaming" they consistently face, organizer Alana Kayfetz said.
Andrew Peller buys three premium B.C. estates
"It is a privilege to bring their ultra-premium wines and talented people into our family," said John Peller, CEO of Andrew Peller. "With our investment and resources, these wines have the potential to grow, develop and compete in the growing luxury wine market around the world."
Inside the Canadian market
The powerful monopolies still rule the liquor landscape in many provinces ...
For Ontario winemakers, a potential silver lining of a wet summer
"We got lambasted in June," said Keith Tyers, winemaker at Closson Chase in Prince Edward County in Eastern Ontario, adding that it was probably the wettest season he's experience in 14 years of growing.
Why Canada Should Be Your Next Wine Vacation
With increasing investment in vineyards and quality production, the best wineries in British Columbia are producing more single vineyard wines utilizing small parcels with unique expressions of terroir.
Canadian giant Peller to acquire Black Hills, Gray Monk, Tinhorn
The publicly traded company with headquarters in Grimsby, Ontario, said the combined total of the three transactions will cost $95 million in a combination of cash and stock. The sales are expected to be finalized by Nov. 1. According to Peller, the three Okanagan Valley wineries generated a total of $25 million in their most recent fiscal year.
Niagara College's Teaching Winery wins four medals at All Canadian Wine Championships
They won double gold for their 2013 Prodigy Icewine, gold for their 2012 Balance Brut Sparkling Wine, silver for their 2012 Mentage and bronze for their 2013 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay.
Toronto Star wine column leaves bad taste
Columbia Journalism Review blasts newspaper column suggesting wine pairing for 12 Years A Slave ...
Round of NAFTA talks ends amid resistance over Mexico wages
Produce growers, many of whom have operations in all three countries, said they like the current dispute resolution system.
PEI winemakers say cheers to dry summer
The berries on the plant are small so the yield will be down, but they'll be better quality, said Mike Newman, wine maker at Newman Estate Winery in eastern P.E.I.
Palate Press
Taking it Slow in Central Otago (Part 1) August 30th Challenged by climate change, lack of available land and rising production costs, some of Burgundy’s top producers have established wineries in Oregon. But the more adventuresome are now flying much further afield — to New Zealand’s Central Otago.
Jamie Goode's Wine Blog
In Nova Scotia, Canada June 13th
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