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Six Things Not to do in an Interview

1. Use slang words that diminish your professionalism

Although you and your friends may use "sweet" in numerous conversations it is not a word you want to use when talking to a potential employer. It shows your inexperience and lacks that professional tone you want to leave when you finish your interview.

2. Show up to an interview in casual clothing

No matter what company, where it is located, where you are interviewing, who you are meeting, always, always dress like a professional. You may not wear a suit everyday once you land the job but you need to demonstrate that you take the interview seriously and that you are a professional looking to get hired.

3. Slouch

Your posture says more than you realize. Sitting back in your chair gives off an air of laziness, or a lack of interest. As much as interviewers are listening to what you are saying they are also watching what you do and how you present yourself.

4. Bad mouth your previous employer

Regardless of how you felt about the last person you worked for, bad mouthing them will not make you shine in an interview. Being respectful is being professional. It is best to say that you wanted a greater challenge or are looking for more growth opportunities than saying, "my boss was a real jerk".

5. Not make eye contact

Looking someone in the eye says "I am confident and I want this job". Holding eye contact with your interviewer also sends the message that you are listening and that you care about what they are saying. They too will perk up when you speak if you are looking them in the eye.

6. Chew Gum

Okay, it freshens your breath, but it should never be in your mouth during an interview. Remember the old saying, chew with your mouth closed? There is nothing worse than seeing a piece of Trident work its way around your tongue while you are describing what a great fit you are for the position. Pop a piece before going in, but dispose of it for the actual meeting. You can always blow bubbles again once you get back into your car!

SOURCE: The Personnel Perspective is an established wine industry consulting firm with focused expertise in executive search and recruiting, strategic HR, & management training. We work confidentially with individuals focused on working for employers with a vision for success. Our candidates are seeking career positions where they can make a meaningful contribution while continuing to grow and learn.

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