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Wine Business Profile FAQs

What is a Profile?

A Profile is a summary of your education and work experience.

Why should I create a Profile?

The benefits of creating a Profile are:

  • Profiles can be used to apply to jobs listed on This is particularly useful if you use an iOS device (an iPhone or an iPad).
  • Employers can search Profiles to find you.

What is the difference between a Profile and a Resume?

There are several differences between a Profile and a Resume:

  • Profiles are stored on Resumes currently cannot be stored on This means that you must upload your resume each time you apply for a job.
  • Profiles can be searched by employers; Resumes are not searchable.
  • You can format your Resume to look the way want when you send it to potential employers. To retain this formatting Resumes are usually MS Word documents or PDFs. Profiles contain information that is stored as fields in a database. A Profile can be used to apply to a job posting on A PDF is created from your profile and sent to the employer; however, you don't have any control over the format of the PDF that is created.

Can I apply to a job using a Profile and a Resume?

Yes. If you choose, your application can include both a Profile and a Resume as attachments.

What is the difference between a account and a Profile?

A account allows you to access the content (Wine Business Monthly and Daily News Email) and post to the classifieds boards on Your account information cannot be seen by other users of The information in your Profile can be seen by employers and possibly other users of (depending on the Privacy Settings of your Profile).

Do I have to have a account to create a Profile?

Yes. But creating an account and creating a profile are both FREE.