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Intern - Harvest Winemaking

Delicato Family Wines

Manteca, CA

Job Description:

Position Purpose

The Harvest Winemaking Intern position allows recent college graduates the opportunity and exposure to winemaking projects and tasks which may coincide with the Intern's academic and/or career interest. This allows for broad exposure to the organization with supervision and mentoring, which creates a professional network and real-life work experiences during the harvest season.

Under general supervision, the Harvest Winemaking Intern is responsible for providing technical and logistical support by performing various Harvest-related winemaking duties which may vary depending on location. This position may also assist in implementing and monitoring winemaking trials and small experimental lots and may work with production teams to perform routine duties as directed.

Functional Responsibility

Essential Duties

The Intern will be assigned to one of our CA locations and job duties will vary by location listed below:


•  Assists winemaking in all activities
•  Creates daily tasting sheets
•  Monitors temperatures: set points versus actual, adjust as needed and troubleshoot
•  Prepares list of first additions (water, yeast, acid, special add) and mid-fermentation adds, confirming no double adds
•  Assists in managing and monitoring winemaking trials and special projects
•  Organizes and tracks ingredient inventory
•  Monitors analysis and raises red flags
•  Monitors and manages ML Inoculum and ML tank/bbl monitoring
•  Prepares stirring and air additions, racks and returns
•  Monitors alcoholic fermentation tank cards
•  Sampling and setup for tastings, analysis, and winemaking trials
•  Vineyard site visits to monitor grape development


•  Assists with monitoring juice, primary fermentations, secondary fermentation temperatures and activities
•  Sets up sensory evaluations
•  Participates in Micro Ox projects
•  Assists in small lot fermentations
•  Performs lab bench trials for fining, wine repairs, tastings, bentonite trials, etc.
•  Collects data for research and development projects
•  Conducts Harvest related lab analysis
•  Prepares special ingredient additions
•  Performs various administrative tasks

Central Coast

•  Performs general quality checks
•  Conducts fermenter Brix/Temp analysis
•  Assists in managing and monitoring winemaking trials & fermentations
•  Sampling and setup for tastings, analysis and winemaking trials
•  Vineyard Visits
•  Performs lab analysis and sets up for daily sensory tastings
•  Analyze grape maturity samples (King City)
•  Participates in Micro Ox projects

North Coast

•  Monitors quality of incoming fruit, fermenting wines by sensory evaluation and data tracking, monitor must chemistry and fermenter Brix and Temp readings, record and communicate information to Winemaker
•  Communicates DFW Winemaking plans, ingredient additions and action items to staff at offsite winemaking facilities based on winemaking protocols and instructions
•  Maintains Harvest Plan spreadsheet - recording vineyard information, yields, chemistry, fermentation data
•  Assists with harvest scheduling and logistics, yield calculations, tonnage reports
•  Tracks ingredient inventories
•  Other data management and distribution duties
•  Vineyard site visits to monitor grape development
•  Position based in Napa but will be required to work most days offsite at two Custom Crush Wineries in Sonoma County.

*Other duties may be assigned

Non-Essential Duties

*Other duties may be assigned

Minimum Requirements

Education and Experience

•  Bachelor's degree in Viticulture, Enology, Chemistry, Biology, Food Science, Biochemistry or other science related field preferred

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

•  Strong organizational skills
•  Strong reading, writing, communication and mathematical skills
•  Solid winemaking theory, wine sensory, communication/presentation and organizational skills
•  Ability to work under pressure during harvest with many different people and departments
•  Experience with Microsoft Office and proficiency with Excel
•  Ability to work overtime hours and weekends
•  Team player and able to work with others
•  Must be able to work rapidly and accurately, performing multiple tasks simultaneously

Working Conditions

•  Most activities take place in lab, office or winery environment
•  Must be able to work extended hours during the harvest season and rotating shifts throughout the year
•  In the lead up to harvest, some vineyard visits will be performed where the temperatures may reach 100F
•  Required to drive automotive vehicle or equipment
•  Required to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
•  Must be able to pass fit test and perform work while wearing respirators
•  Work in close quarters or confined spaces
•  Exposure to varying levels of dust, chemicals, fumes, gases, and noisy equipment
•  Occasionally may be required to lift and carry cases of wine
•  May need to determine color, taste and smell of wine using eyes, tongue, and nose

Work Standards

•  Acts in a manner reflective of the Company culture of High Moral Standards, Innovation and Continuous Evolution, Trust in Team, Continuous Improvement, and Sustainable Relationships
•  Communicates, interacts, and works effectively with others; receptive to feedback and coaching; voices concerns in a constructive manner
•  Demonstrates commitment to safety first; communicates safety concerns; promotes a safe work environment based on established safety standards and training
•  Follows all Company policies and procedures

Additional Comments

Management retains the discretion to add to or change the duties of the position at any time.

California Pay Transparency Disclaimer: This is a Non-Exempt position. The pay range for this position is $19.00 to $21.00. It is not typical for an individual to be hired at or near the top of the range for their role. Actual placement within range will be contingent upon a number of factors, including but not limited to the candidate's qualifications, education, experience, inter...

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Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Saturday, June 15th
Type of Work:
Harvest Help
Job Category:
Job Level:
$19.OO ‍−‌ $21.OO
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