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Job Description:

Responsible and accountable at all times for operating in the best interest of the Company. 
Maintains a positive representation of Company at all times, including the name, integrity, culture and concept of the Company.
Commits and complies with company mission, guiding principles and the employee manual, including company policies, procedures and guidelines. 
Encourages and facilitates productive working relationships throughout the Company.

Position Responsibilities
Prepares (“preps”) and properly stores ingredients for menu items, including but not limited to washing, chopping, dicing, mincing, pureeing, peeling, cutting, mixing, seasoning and portioning ingredients. 
Safely and properly stores all food, food prep and other items in correct locations.
Accurately and efficiently prepares, portions, cooks and presents menu items, often performing these tasks simultaneously with multiple food orders. 
Accurately reads tickets to ensure that ingredient additions, deletions and substitutions are factored into the food preparation process. 
Responsible for safe operation and handling of all kitchen equipment. 
Checks orders for modifications, including but not limited to removal of allergens.
Communicates modifications, including but not limited to allergens, to essential parties. 
Follows and practices Company standards of food preparation for customers with food allergies, including but not limited to sanitizing and/or replacing all food utensils and surfaces before food production. 
Ensures guests are positively impacted by exceeding guest expectations. 
Ensures food quality and safe food handling requirements are maintained.
Facilitates efficient and effective set-up and break down of kitchen and kitchen stations, including but not limited to the salad station, sauté station, grill station and fryer. 
Consistently follows recipes, portions and product production as set forth in the Company guides.
Effectively and efficiently completes side work and closing duties, checking out with management before clocking out and leaving work. 
Proactively warns employees and guests of any hazards, including but not limited to knives, hot skillets, molten food cores or booth inclines/declines. 
Follows and practices Company standards of cleanliness. 
Remains updated and educated regarding specials, features and menu deviations, including but not limited to discontinued and depleted items. 
Promptly reports customer concerns, injuries, accidents and other high-risk issues to management. 
Promptly reports employee and personal or “self” concerns, injuries, accidents and other high-risk issues to management. 
Obtains all required, applicable food handling and alcohol service certifications within requisite timeframe. 
Completes and passes all required, applicable tests, including but not limited to company menu and alcohol product tests. 
Follows Company control procedures in order to safeguard all assets including cash, equipment and inventory.
Follows and practices Company standards for customers with food allergies, including but not limited to using “allergy alert” buttons in the Point of Sale (POS) system.
Promptly and enthusiastically answers the phone and efficiently takes carry-out food orders through the Point of Sale (POS) system.
Promptly and enthusiastically greets guests who are picking up carry out food.  If applicable, accurately takes payment and processes orders through the Point of Sale (POS) system.
Participates in daily “pre-shift” meetings as well as mandatory staff meetings.
If allowed by law, responsible for alerting and receiving permission from management before taking required or allowed breaks. 
Accountable for creating accurate payroll records through clock-in/clock-out functions of applicable POS systems. 
Monitors personal payroll hours and notifies management when hours approach thresholds that necessitate overtime compensation. 

Must have high level of interpersonal skills with ability to handle sensitive information appropriately.
Must have ability to represent the company in a positive and professional manner.
Must have strong oral communication skills to tactfully and professionally interact with individuals at all levels. 
Must possess strong verbal communication skills with the ability to effectively present information.
Must be able to influence others and build positive work environments and relationships through enthusiasm, sociability, supportiveness, insight, and cooperation.  
Must demonstrate ability to build trust and respect. 
Must work productively, both independently and in various group settings with conflicting interests to achieve completion of common goals.
Must be self-assured and confident in a variety of settings with a strong belief in own capabilities.
Must have ability to exercise good judgment and maintain confidentiality; ability to quickly synthesize information, define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions in changing situations using sound decision making skills while including appropriate people in the decision-making process. 
Must be able to work independently as well as productively in a team setting.
Must have ability to multitask, prioritize, and adapt to unforeseen priority changes.
Must demonstrate self-reliance, stamina and drive.
Must have high levels of objectivity and emotional consistency with the ability to remain level-headed.
Must strive to continuously build knowledge with an open mind to constructive feedback.
Must possess working knowledge of required Point of Sales (POS) system.           
Must have the ability/availability to work a minimum of three shifts per work week. 

Physical Demands:
This is a laborious position in which the employee is regularly required to have frequent quick movement including constant standing and walking. The position involves other regular movement including, but

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Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Friday, May 3rd
Type of Work:
Full Time
Job Level:
Entry Level
$‌2O.OO ‍−‌ $21.OO

Contact Information:

Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard
Chase Williams