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Wine Country Connection

Remote > Santa Rosa, CA

Job Description:

Do you have your own business and customer base of qualified wine buyers and are tired of all the compliance and logistical challenges of fulfilling wine shipments for your customers?

Wine Country Connection can help!

As a Contractor/Affiliate with Wine Country Connection, an established Wine Retailer in Napa and Sonoma Counties, your company will have access to our entire portfolio of wines.

We're experts at fulfilling your business's wine shipments safely, quickly, and in compliance with regulatory requirements, paying you a percentage of the sale price for each order submitted by your company.

Our website uses affiliate links so that when your company sends traffic to our website and your customers purchase wine through the site, we'll notify you so that you may invoice us for a percentage of the sale once we have an agreement in place.

Contractor will Not be an Employee of Wine Country Connection. Contractors shall have no obligation to work any particular hours or a specific number of hours and shall determine the method, details, and means of their company's Services. Wine Country Connection will not direct or supervise the Contractor and may not direct or limit the Contractor's hours, schedule, time off, vacation, or other similar activities.

Compensation for the Contractor's services is paid as a percentage of the sale price that the Contractor's customers pay for wine through Wine Country Connection's website. There is no hourly rate. However, there is an agreed-upon percentage of the sale for orders that Wine Country Connection fulfills for your business. The % of sale may vary for each wine; however, most wines average in the 10% to 18% range.

If you're interested in having Wine Country Connection handle the order fulfillment for your business, we would love to hear from you.

You can view Wine Country Connection's current wine selection @

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Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Sunday, March 31st
Type of Work:
Part Time
Job Category:
Job Level:
Entry Level
$3.OO Compensation is subject to Contractor Agreement