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Coastal Vineyard Care Associates

Buellton, CA

Job Description:

The Assistant Vineyard Supervisor will assist the ranch manager to oversee general ranch operations in order to successfully produce and grow wine grapes. Generate and monitor work assignments and quality of cultural work to achieve satisfactory grape yields and grape quality. Under the direction of the ranch manager, oversee all ranch responsibilities to include but not limited to, harvest, pest control, equipment management, irrigation systems, ranch safety, and administration. The Vineyard supervisor will assist in the annual grape production forecasting and participate in production expense reviews in order to operate within company approved expenditures.

•  Assist vineyard manager on multiple vineyard sites, including established vineyards and new developments
•  Coordinate and schedule all vineyard job activities with Vineyard Manager
•  Ensure that all tasks are performed timely and correctly
•  Supervise spray operations
o Monitor calibrations
o Manage chemical inventory
o Ensure chemical use legal paperwork is complete
o Manage posting boards
•  Participate in irrigation and frost control, as directed by Vineyard Manager
•  Supervise maintenance of irrigation systems
•  Ensure that all vineyard equipment is working properly and Supervise maintenance of vineyard equipment
•  Report all tractor or equipment breakdowns to Vineyard Manager
•  Order and pick up equipment parts
•  Recruit crews and complete application process
o Evaluate applicants by discussing job requirements and qualifications before hiring
•  Complete applications for new employees
•  Coordinate and supervise crews
•  Assist the workers, as needed, and treat every worker with respect
•  Oversee and review weekly payroll
•  Enforce all safety rules, policies, and programs
o Ensure proper personal protective equipment is being used (i.e., headlamps, reflective vest, gloves, glasses, helmets…)
o Ensure all breaks and lunches are taken, and at appropriate times
o Make sure crews have water and plenty of drinking cops
•  Ensure Heat Stress procedures are followed (i.e., water, shade, observing employees who have taken a break from the heat, appropriate breaks are taken…)
•  Oversee and ensure daily stretching exercises are completed
•  In the event that potentially unsafe work practices are observed, direct modifications to the task as appropriate, corrective, and disciplinary actions when appropriate
•  Ensure the right number of bathrooms are available to employees and move as needed
•  Enforce company policies
•  Check weather conditions and manage for potential challenges for both crews and crops
o Ensure there is enough water for employees
o Ensure that shade canopies are available
o Follow frost mitigation procedures
o Modify irrigation, as needed
•  Immediately report the following issues:
o Accidents – report to Vineyard Manager and Safety Officer
o Hazards – assist in marking clearly, handle as appropriate and report issue to Vineyard Manager
o Employee issues – report to HR; do not handle it yourself.
•  Manage record keeping in all aspects of the vineyard operations
o Irrigation
o Chemicals
o Sprays
o Employee trainings
o Recruiting
o Payroll
o Harvest
•  Harvest:
o Recruit extra crews
o Manage crews
o Coordinate picks
o Manage bin inventory
o Oversee quality control of picks
o Run all necessary paperwork to the office
o Assist with weigh master duties
o Report any issues to Vineyard Manager timely

•  Minimum 2 years vineyard experience or BS in Viticulture
•  Knowledge of farming and harvesting equipment
•  Strong communication skills with the ability to enforce company policy
•  Ability to organize and prioritize multiple tasks along with working well with others
•  Ability to work independently and make own decisions
•  Ability to plan work and achieve required results
•  Willing to work 6 days per week, including nights and weekends as needed throughout the year, especially during harvest
•  Ability to read and write basic English
•  Self-Starter, Trustworthy, Reliable

•  Computer proficiency in Excel, Word, and Outlook
•  English and Spanish fluency preferred
•  Knowledge of viticulture, pests, and diseases
•  Knowledge of irrigation systems
•  Knowledge of tractors and tractors implements

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Friday, May 26th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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Contact Information:

Coastal Vineyard Care Associates
Joseph Mallobox