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Assistant Production Winemaker

Mendocino Wine Co.

Ukiah, CA

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Job Description:

We don’t just check the box on sustainability, we’re re-writing the manual through innovative practices that mimic and enhance natural processes.

Founded in 1932, Parducci Wine Cellars is the longest running winery in Mendocino County – America’s greenest wine region. With nearly a century of experience, we are bound to a tradition of making wine that you can trust will be delicious.

The Mendocino winery was hand-built without electricity by a father and four sons. The vineyards were first tilled before the tractor was invented. The first bottles were filled with hoses and corks pounded in with mallets. Together they built more than a winery, they built a legacy.
All of our wines are certified organically grown by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). We promote and enhance biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil fertility, and restore, maintain, and enhance ecological harmony. As organic farmers, we do not use herbicides such as glyphosate or other synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We currently crush 7,000 tons of grapes and produce over 450,000 cases of wine per year.

Position: Assistant Production Winemaker

Our Assistant Production Winemaker will have full visibility into every facet of our winemaking production from start to finish with an emphasis on assuring a high-quality product. In addition to winemaking, cellar, and laboratory work, our Assistant Production Winemaker will assist in our vineyards seasonally and will take on other challenges related to producing top quality wines. We are looking for someone who is creative and collaborative in finding ways to make us better as a team and who is an excellent communicator both verbally and in writing with colleagues, management and clients.

Necessary Skills:
•  Great attention to detail
•  Any Spanish language skills
•  Excellent time management
•  Safety awareness
•  Ability to lead
•  Team oriented
•  Cooperative
•  Willing to learn
•  Resourceful and problem solver
•  Proactive/takes initiative
•  Positive approach to work
•  Critical thinking and ability to troubleshoot issues that arise
•  Rationalize and summarize information using numerical data, written records and verbal accounts.

Education and Experience
•  Formal education in winemaking, food, engineering or biological science.
•  AND 1-2 years of manufacturing, wine or food production experience.
•  OR more years of relevant work experience is also acceptable in place of formal education.
•  Experience on either side of custom crush production is a major plus.

•  Available early mornings during bottling season, and one weekend day during harvest.
•  Have a sense of smell.
•  Not afraid of heights.

What the right person will gain from this position
•  An opportunity to be involved in the winemaking process at every level.
•  An opportunity to work on a team that is respectful, positive and supportive of one another.
•  A chance to grow in your role.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Friday, March 17th
Type of Work:
Full Time
Job Category:
Job Level:
$30 - $34

Contact Information:

Mendocino Wine Co.
Elizabeth Segura