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Tractor Driver II-S

Jackson Family Wines

Geyserville, CA

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Job Description:

TITLE: Tractor Driver

REPORTS TO: Vineyard Supervisor

LOCATION: North Coast Vineyard Operations

General Description of Duties:

A Tractor Driver must be able to operate any Tractor and/or ATV safely and properly. A tractor driver must maintain all of his equipment and/or implements in a clean and operational manner. He must also take excellent care of all vineyard property and maintaining a safe and quality based approach while working around all personnel.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Beginning Tractor Driver:
Laying Out all types of Trellis Materials with Trailer
Harvest (Hauling Gondolas)
Vineyard Maintenance
ATV Operation (e.g. Repairing Erosion Control Damage)
(1) Spreading Wire
(2) Spreading Hose

Intermediate Tractor Driver: (Same as beginning)
Forklift Operator
Spraying Vines
Weed Spraying
Under Vine Cultivation
Front Loader Operation
Spreading Amendments

Advance Tractor Driver: (Same as Beginning & Intermediate)
Stake Installation
Track Tractor Operation
End Post Installation
Calibration of all Spray Equipment (Self)
Operating side Mounted Mower
Work in High Sloped Terrain
Must be able to read and write

Immediate Staff: Advance Tractor Driver (only) will be responsible for 2-3 employees depending on task.

Experience and Training:

Must be able to work weekends and/or overtime.
A tractor driver working on highly sloped hillside vineyard properly will be paid at a higher wage. (TBD)

Physical Demands and Work Environment:

In order to perform this job successfully an individual must have some basic tractor experience, (2) or more years of experience and/or a willingness to learn quickly by on the job training. Must have good oral communication skills. Must be able to understand and interpret documents such as safety rules of operation and maintenance manuals. Tractor Driver will be exposed to mixing chemicals and will be required to work at night.

The employee must be able to lift and/or move up to 100 pounds. The employee wile be frequently exposed to we/or humid conditions, dust, chemical residues as well as occasionally exposed to extreme heat.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Thursday, November 3rd
Type of Work:
Full Time
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