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Low Pay, Long Hours (not really)

Gamling & McDuck

Napa, CA

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Job Description:

Alert the media- Gamling & McDuck…
is looking for a Tasting Room Employee.

As this will be the first ever G&M employee we’re still ironing out the job description. Here’s what we have so far:

The Known Knowns:
You’ll be working in a tasting room.
You have to be responsible for all the normal job stuff.
You have to be smart (I shouldn’t have to explain “normal job stuff”).
You have to be nice (like, here have half my sandwich nice).
You don’t have to be clever, but boy you’re gonna wish you were.
You've gotta be able to have fun, but then get your sheet together in a snap.
You’ve gotta be able to slow everything down like Neo in the Matrix.
You’ve gotta be able to own the mistakes you’ll make, and ignore the ones I make (<—joke, the last part).
You’ll meet interesting people across the tasting room bar.
You’ll drink what we consider to be, some pretty excellent wine.

Let’s pause for a moment to comment on the word: Passionate.
Before typing this up I spent 10 minutes reading some of these other #winejobs and this word “Passionate" seems to come up a lot. Everybody wants you to be passionate about wine, or food and wine, or about customer service in general. They definitely want you to be passionate about working for them.

We would also like you to be passionate. But will accept any of the following (energy equivalent) expressions of passion:
College Freshman that want to take everything in their course catalog.
Introverts that take photos of bugs and are willing to show them in conversation.
Anyone that still reads magazines or newspapers (bonus for doing the crossword).
Volunteers that feed and care for animals/people/anything.
Athletes that literally dream about the sport they play.
Readers that can’t help but read every book of one prolific author.
Anyone who carried more water than was there’s to carry during this pandemic.
Curators of music or film that make top ten lists.

The Known Unknowns:
Maybe you’ll be working outside the tasting room once and awhile.
Maybe you have a skill set we didn’t know we needed.
Maybe wine will bare its soul to you, sweep you up, and take you out in it’s tide.
Maybe it won’t.
Maybe this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Maybe you’ll pour wines for Kyle MacLachlan or Phoebe Bridgers.
Maybe you’ll help board up the place during an alien invasion.

The Unknown Unknowns:
This is unknowable.

The Bones of it:
We need you on weekends (not every one of them, but most of them).
Expect 3 shifts a week, sometimes 4.
We don’t work on holidays.
Starting dollars are: $25 hourly, Club bonuses, Tips.

Oh. You have to like cats.

Send resumes or paragraphs or whatever.
We'll reply to all by October 20th.

1420 2nd St.
Napa, CA 94559

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Wednesday, October 13th
Type of Work:
Part Time
Job Level:
Entry Level