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Seasonal Viticulture Technician

Newton Vineyard

St Helena, CA

Job Description:

Research and technical experiments for Newton estate vineyards (10%)

Oversee vineyard experiments, design new investigations, collect pertinent data, (relative to vineyard mapping involving but not limited to EVI (Enhanced Vegetative Index), irrigation and weed control technologies for Newton estate vineyards) and propose action plan when needed.
Focus on developing a water stress index, to maximize quality and water usage.
Cooperate with educational and industry professionals on research projects and participate in industry work groups and committees.
Research and stay abreast of new technology innovation relative to vineyard renovation, proposing and implementing, in order to ensure best practice for optimal quality.
Research & Technical experimentation in close collaboration with the CHANDON winegrowing team on CHANDON vineyard blocks intended for Newton products
Partner with CHANDON Viticulturist & viticultural management companies on executing vineyard management plans for all DCC estate vineyard blocks with intended use to NWT Winery programs and propose action when needed
Assist Newton Head of Viticulture on planning and implementation for Newton vineyard estate projects (vineyard redevelopment/vineyard operations)
As relevant assume lead role and partner with CHANDON Viticulturist on developing/planning vineyard redevelopment plans with emphasis on soil analysis, irrigation planning, rootstock and clonal recommendations on Newton estate vineyards.
Partner with Head of Viticulture with oversight of Newton estate landscaping and gardening team.
Work to execute the operations budget for Newton Vineyards
Assist with invoicing and PO creation administration
Manage the fruit intake for Newton,
Monitor pests and diseases problems in Newton estate vineyards and recommend integrated pest management strategies when action is needed
Maintain grape maturity assessment program in NWT estate vineyards
Development & consolidation of outstanding internal/external working relationships for NWT estate vineyards development (30%)

Oversee of Newton estate vineyards technical operations (25%)

Coordinate and report on pest and disease related problems, including Powdery Mildew, Pierce’s Disease, Vine Mealy bug, European Grape Moth, Light Brown Apple Moth and recommend bio & chemical control.
Collect & review pesticide use reports prior to harvest Coordinate & manage the collection of estate vineyard data including pruning weights, crop weights, tissue and soil sampling, phenology, cultural practices, for Newton estate vineyards
Coordinate annual technical vineyard mapping
Provide timely phenology, Bud break, post-Set crop estimates to the Newton Head of Viticulture
Coordinate irrigation programs for vineyard operations, including scheduling, water status monitoring, and weather data
Manage the Newton vineyards, grounds and winery water supply.
Keep monthly traceability and records of all water usage by vineyard/landscaping. This includes water well, ponds and flowmeter monthly readings and data records.
Ensure environmental compliance and certifications, including Environmental, Safety compliance for Newton Vineyards and Grounds
Technical operations in close collaboration with the Newton Winemaking Team

Grower Relations (35%)

Work with growers for to ensure they are meeting winemaking grower quality standards
Provide accurate tonnage estimates on all grower blocks
Act as a positive representative for Newton Products and Winery
Focus on intake for Skyside and Smoketree
Assist with Grower Contract Administration
Proactive & Agile

Requirements & Professional experience:

General viticulture experience.
Understanding of a high end, luxury & quality winegrowing.
Experience and knowledge with Napa Valley hillside terroir required.
Experience with sustainable farming practices
Knowledge of organic farming practices
Knowledge/experience with Pest identification/monitoring, Irrigation Water Management and Vine Nutrition required.
Computer skills including database management, spreadsheets, word processing, Arch View Mapping and Internet necessary
Microsoft Office Suite & SAP
Experience and strong grower network of Northern California Growers
Good organizational skills
Strong Computer Skills – Excel and word.
Effective communication skills. resulting in achieved objectives & enhanced relationships with others
Technical & management skills:

PCA licenses.
Valid CA drivers license with a clean record necessary.
Personal & interpersonal skills:

Ability to work well within a team environment and collaborate effectively with multiple customers/partners
Customer focused, with an ability to meet simultaneous service level demands both internal and external
Must be willing to work a flexible schedule with extended hours, especially during harvest.
Ability to perform duties and responsibilities in a manner consistent with the company’s value of exhibiting the highest quality standards in all endeavors.
Ability to work highly independently and a strong team member

Training & Development
Sick Days

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Tuesday, May 4th
Type of Work:
Harvest Help
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