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Production Systems Manager Monte Bello CA

Ridge Vineyards Inc

Cupertino, CA

Job Description:

Title: Production Systems Manager
Reports to: Head Winemaker
Category: Full-time, Exempt


The Production Systems Manager (PSM) is responsible for managing/supervising all major winery production systems at Ridge’s Monte Bello Winery. The PSM insures that all winery equipment is functioning properly at all times, and that preventative maintenance is carried out on a regular basis to minimize downtimes that can negatively affect wine quality.
The PSM oversees the smooth operation of the bottling line—this includes maintenance, interfacing with outside vendors for parts/service, and supervising the bottling crew who operate the line. The PSM must have a thorough understanding of HVAC, water supply, water heaters, wastewater systems, air compressors, generators, and winemaking equipment such as pneumatic presses, and pumps.
The PSM is also involved with the development, execution and management of Production’s capital projects, sourcing quotes for major capital items/projects, and adhering to a given budget. The PSM may, from time to time, collaborate with the Housing and Lower Winery Facilities Manager in projects related to these locations.

1) Bottling Line
•  Insure smooth operation of the bottling line. This includes the day-to-day management of the Bottling Line Supervisors and crew as well as making sure the line is properly maintained and configured. Ordering parts for repairs. Maintaining supply of wear-items and electronics.
•  Coordinate logistics/set delivery times for bottling supplies (pre-ordered by winemaking staff) such as glass and capsules according to the bottling schedule.
2) Inventory & Warehousing
•  Manage the warehouse to optimize the configuration and use of space
•  Manage supply of wooden pallets for use in bottling; ensure quality of pallets for securing filled cases of wine so they can be stacked four-high without danger of collapse.
3) Winery Equipment & Systems
•  Perform a daily “walk around” inspection of all key winery systems including:
o Water: Wells, pumps, water conditioning equipment, boilers, fire protection system, etc.
o Compressed Air: Compressors, air supply lines, manifolds
o HVAC: Heating, cooling, humidity control systems, filters
o Power: Electrical power distribution, backup generators, transfer switches
o Septic & Process Waste: Septic tanks, settling tanks, bioreactor, leach fields, drains, etc.
•  Ensure that preventive maintenance is performed on all systems according to a specific schedule.
•  Perform repairs on equipment that are within their scope of capability. Outside vendors will perform other major repairs and/or modifications to systems. The PSM will monitor the work of all outside contractors and vendors to ensure the work is performed properly and within schedule and budget and is responsible for all paperwork such as purchase orders, receiving documents, etc. associated with the job.
•  Monitor water resources at the winery, identify leaks and take immediate action when discovered. Alert Housing Manager of excessive use by any employee resident. Coordinate with viticulturists on water needs for vineyard irrigation, using recycled process water when feasible and groundwater when supply is available without overdraft of wells.
•  Assist with monitoring for pollution, take action when there are spills, oil leaks, etc.
•  Gather and log monthly water/energy use by the winery. This includes reading water well meters, electricity usage, propane etc. Deliver this information monthly to Production Lab Assistant who uses data to enter on forms/spreadsheets and submits for environmental compliance purposes.
4) Capital Projects
•  Support COO/Winemaker with planning, implementation, and oversight of capital production-related projects. This includes identifying vendors, soliciting bids, submitting POs, securing any necessary insurance documentation from vendors.
•  Contribute ideas for projects that enhance Ridge’s operation.
•  Supervise in-house maintenance personnel, and outside contractors. Provide budgetary information to Head Winemaker, manage established budget and immediately notify if costs are expected to exceed budget.

•  Bachelor's Degree (BS/BA) or Equivalent preferred
•  Six to eight years of related experience. Prefer minimum two years supervisory experience
•  Three years’ experience running a bottling line is required
•  Experience with HVAC systems, water filtration and recycling systems, fire protection systems, electrical systems (including back-up power systems), and septic systems, required
•  Excellent written and oral communication skills
•  Ability to communicate in English and Spanish highly desirable
•  Strong organizational, problem-solving, and analytical skills; able to manage priorities and workflow
•  Versatility, flexibility, and a willingness to work within constantly changing priorities
•  Attention to detail, specifically when receiving materials and supplies, QA and QC
•  Ability to communicate with vendors, request and review SLA’s, bids, and contracts
•  Proficient use of MS Office
•  Ability to work with a diversity of individuals at all organizational levels
•  Available to work weekends and holidays, and long hours, during harvest season

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Thursday, April 15th
Type of Work:
Full Time