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Wine Specialist

Frog's Leap Winery

Rutherford, CA

Job Description:

Frog’s Leap Winery is a family owned and operated winery in the heart of the Napa Valley. In our 40 years of operation we have maintained a consistent commitment to producing wines of great quality and have dedicated ourselves to socially and environmentally responsible growing, wine making and business practices. We offer a joyful, open and team oriented work environment.

Reporting to the Director of Hospitality/Tasting Room Manager, the Frog’s Leap Wine Specialist will participate as an active member of the hospitality team in the daily activities of the tour, tasting and retail operations. As a member of this diverse and dynamic hospitality team, our shared goal is to create memorable wine experiences for guests of our Rutherford winery.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
To embody our service-forward philosophy: “We create a personalized visit for each guest whereby our actions are guided by a genuine desire to create a lasting memory and connection, with warmth and sincere hospitality.”

We accomplish this together, by:
•  Delivering focused and personable presentations of Frog’s Leap wines, vineyards, grape-growing and wine making philosophies.
•  Entertain scheduled Consumer, Trade, Wine Club (AKA Fellowship) and VIP guests through memorable and personalized table side tasting experiences, tours, special
programs, virtual tastings and special events.
•  Adjust service based on social cues and known guest’s preferences prior to the visit.
•  Provide timely follow up on guest experiences through hand written letters, emails, and phone calls to solidify relationship for future visits and referrals.
•  To be responsive, gracious & creative in solving customer problems or complaints and to take it one step further and try to anticipate Guests needs.
•  Record guest sales and experience information for accurate reporting by week, month and year.
•  Providing seamless fulfillment options for guest to regularly enjoy Frog’s Leap wines:
a. Utilize POS and Reservation software to prepare for, connect and follow up with guests.
b. Coordinate with Direct to Consumer department to implement updated shipping, tracking and fulfillment options for wine orders.
c. Improve client loyalty and sales by enrolling new members into the Fellowship of the Frog, our wine club community.
•  Prioritize teamwork
a. Work collaboratively with co-workers in Hospitality, Hospitality Support and beyond to ensure smooth, customer service focused operations in the Tasting Room and
other Hospitality Spaces.
b. Communicate regularly with team and managers regarding trends and habits of guests.
c. Transition effortlessly from one on one hosting during slower periods to hosting multiple groups at one time in a fast-paced environment.
d. To assist in all daily hospitality duties and activities; from opening side work, to continuous care of our Vineyard House throughout the day, to closing procedures.
•  To continue to develop your own palate and wine knowledge by participating in informal tastings held at the winery and with winery partners.
•  To occasionally assist with the organization, planning & execution of customer events.

The ideal Frog’s Leap Wine Specialist team member will know, and be practiced in the culture of warm and gracious customer service. 2-4 years of customer service/hospitality experience, preferably in the wine industry or related fine dining or hotel operations. Extensive wine knowledge and certification or coursework from professional industry groups is preferred. Strong work ethic, comfort with public speaking, a consummate team player with genuine enthusiasm to share your passion for wine is paramount. We are seeking team members who have a lively interest in and continuously growing knowledge of the world of wine. This position requires weekends and some holidays.

Physical Demands & Work Environment
The physical demands of the job may include standing for long periods of time, while working with and servicing guests. One must be able to lift 40 pounds repeatedly throughout the day. The work environment of this position involves delivering wine experiences to our guests both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Growth Opportunity
Frog’s Leap is a dynamic winery that has experienced continuous growth since our very first vintage, in 1984. Our continual evolution requires ever more experienced, and capable team members with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and interests. Each member is hired with long-term retention and growth within the company in mind.

We believe that a grapevine should be grown in healthy soil that supports all the nutrient needs of the plant. Frog's Leap has been farming organically since 1988. We believe that most of the great and historic wines of the world have been made from non-irrigated grapevines. Frog's Leap dry farms nearly 200 acres in the Napa Valley.

We believe that wine making technology (spinning cone, reverse osmosis, genetically engineered yeasts, mega purple, micro oxygenation, flying winemakers, etc.) serves primarily as a means to mask the use of poorly grown grapes and, furthermore, only serves to create a "global taste" for the common denominator. These methods have no place among our traditional wine making methods.

We believe that a true respect for terroir must take into account the human community from which a given wine emanates. We provide living wages, retirement plans, and health care for all employees, from those who pick and prune to the CEO.

We believe that growing our grapes, making our wines and running our business in this manner affords us better wines, greater long-term business success and, undeniably, greater pleasure in life.

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Job Posted:
Tuesday, May 4th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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Frog's Leap Winery
Celina Collins