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Special Events and Hospitality Manager

Dry Creek Vineyard

Healdsburg, CA

Job Description:

Dry Creek Vineyard is looking to hire our new Special Events & Hospitality Manager.

You might be a good fit for this position if you have the following:
•  A secret desire to challenge Martha Stewart to a “Dinner Party Throw Down.”
•  An alarmingly specific opinion about stemware.
•  You spend hours thinking about lighting.
•  The phrase “Born to Shop” just makes you shake your head because “They don’t even know the half of it.”
•  You have a holster for your scissors and zip-ties.
•  You have been in a heated debate about Feng Shui.
•  You once did an oral dissertation on the use of Burlap.
•  You know 15 different ways to use a plate charger.
•  You know more than 3 caterers phone numbers off the top of your head.
•  Seriously… you spend a lot of time thinking about lighting.
•  When you eat out you find yourself trying to “out charm” your server.
•  You have used the phrase “Shabby Chic” while taking out the garbage.
•  You are really passionate about thread counts.
•  There is a “Danny Meyer” section in your home library.
•  Knowledge that with a trip to Michael’s and a glue gun… you got this!

SUMMARY: Manages all aspects of winery special events and related hospitality operations. Oversees the overall look and feel of the tasting room and all customer-facing portions of the winery. Conducts trade/VIP tours & tastings. Collaborates with the hospitality team to ensure that the customer-facing portion of the winery is maintaining brand standards at all times.


•  Oversees, manages and executes all winery special events, including annual budget, creative development, planning, staffing and all related operations.
•  Works with marketing team to promote special events. Includes collaboration on advertising, promotional handouts, email blasts, distribution of flyers in the community, etc. Develops and adheres to timetable for promotional efforts as part of overall event management.
•  Works with marketing team to design event collateral and branding. Includes menus, signage, handouts, merchandise, staff uniforms, etc.
•  Establishes sales and revenue goals for special events. Communicates to staff and monitors results. Ensures that event summaries and profit/loss statements are completed within four weeks, and that event files are accurately maintained.
•  Oversees all internal events such as the annual holiday party, crush party and annual growers’ picnic.. Establishes budgets, themes, objectives, etc. In conjunction with HR Manager, oversees employee celebrations including birthdays and anniversaries.
•  Ensures foodservice adheres to all health regulations and related permits through Sonoma County are valid.
•  Conducts VIP tours and tastings. Serves as key winery spokesperson for VIPs and trade. Provides best-in-class service and hospitality with a focus on brand building and establishing meaningful professional relationships.
•  Ensures that VIP and trade tour content and execution are flawless and memorable. Routinely monitors tour effectiveness and makes suggestions for improvement.
•  Works with the Concierge team to ensure that trade and VIP requests are addressed and scheduled promptly. Ensures appropriate host is available and assigned, and clearly communicates details to all people who need to be involved in the tour or hospitality event. Makes sure that hospitality/tour schedule is kept up-to-date and distributed regularly.

•  Hires, trains, supervises, motivates and develops special event and hospitality staff.
•  By example, provides leadership, direction and information to staff to foster a productive, efficient and positive work environment.
•  Educates staff with the latest information regarding events.
•  Assigns duties and monitors quality of work; ensures staff conform to organizational policies and procedures.
•  Ensures that the Tasting Room and Front of House are seasonally decorated.
•  Creates weekly floral arrangements for the Tasting Room.
•  Maintains live plants in Public Restrooms.
•  Generally, helps to make sure that the winery is attractive, appealing and up to brand standards.

Manages all seasonal event staff. Responsible for the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of staff. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring and training employees; planning, assigning and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

•  Minimum of 5-10 years related experience in special event & hospitality management.
•  Strong host and public speaking skills.
•  A keen eye for design and aesthetics.
•  Solid business and financial acumen related to event and hospitality operations. Ability to track and manage a budget.
•  Knowledge of wines and wine production.
•  Excellent written and oral communication skills.
•  Excellent presentation skills.
•  Floral design capabilities.
•  Strong organizational, problem-solving and analytical skills.
•  Ability to manage priorities and workflow.
•  Good judgement with the ability to make timely and sound decisions.
•  Stand and walk for long periods of time.
•  Ability to lift 30-50 pounds.
•  Ability to work weekends, holidays and evenings as required

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Wednesday, April 7th
Type of Work:
Full Time

Contact Information:

Dry Creek Vineyard
Sally Kerstetter