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Sales - Lead Generator for localSaaS Company

anywhere in the US., CA

Job Description:

What we do: Technology Company supporting sales forces in the wine industry. est 2000 Software as a Service.

We are looking for, VERY IMPORTANT that you can answer yes to, you are an experienced representative to many wineries where you have met face to face in meetings over the years, have an established contact lists and a positive working relationship with the Decision makers with a focus of Sonoma and Napa Wineries. Other CA, OR and WA is important as well in the future as well. In the past, for instance, we have worked with representative who would support label design and production companies, Marketing consultants who again have met face to face in the past with decision makers who know you and or your name. The key for this position is to have met, worked with and has a good reputation with the Decision Makers at small to medium size family owned wineries. This position will be successfully filled by someone who can generate leads for our sales force where you have names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers for these small to medium sized winery's CEOs, GMs, Owners, CFOs, CMOs, National Sales Sales managers, Regional Sales Managers

If you have past experience in vendor winery sales or supportive representative of a vendor to wineries, then you may be able to assist our sales team. Ideal work from home part time to supplement retirement or other positions.

Can work from anywhere and do not need to be local or attend meetings - a perfect social distancing virtual position that can be long term or short term.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Saturday, October 17th
Type of Work:
Part Time
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