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City Winery Hudson Valley Production Winemaker

City winery Hudson Valley

Montgomery, NY

Job Description:

City Winery Hudson Valley is CW new winemaking's hub on the east coast, Situated in Montgomery, NY
We are planning to produce 100 tons this year, with a target of 200-300 tons of the long run.
We are looking for an energic winemaker who can lead the local winemaking crew (2 full time, already on site) under the guidance of the Chief winemaker (based in Manhattan).
Starting date ASAP, CW will only considerate applicant who can legally work in the US right away.
See the full job description below,
Please send resume and reference contact to, no phone call.
David Lecomte/ Chief Winemaker.

Position Summary:
Lead Montgomery’s viticulture & winemaking under the guidance of City Winery’s Chief Winemaker. Produce high quality wine while maintaining the standards and styles associated with our brand. Manage and oversee an efficient and successful vineyard & winery operation.

Winery & Equipment Maintenance:
•  Ensure all winemaking equipment is in working, safe and sanitary condition; manage regular maintenance for pumps, bottling and crush equipment as well as all associated
winery machinery and infrastructure.
•  Manage and maintain a safe winery environment for all staff and visitors.
•  Oversee seasonal cellar staff to make sure all tanks, fitting, & pumps are sanitized on a weekly basis.
•  Ensure glycol systems (both cooling and heating) are in good working condition; schedule regular preventative maintenance service for all systems with a reputable HVAC firm. Retain all maintenance records and logs.

Forklift operation and certification:
•  The winemaker must be familiar with forklift: press loading, barrel stacking
•  In charge of keeping forklift in good working condition

•  Coordinate with the director of winemaking to establish a monthly routine for tasting, blending trials, oak trials, fining trials, etc.
•  Communicate any concerns about wine faults (VA, Brett, H2S, etc.) to head winemaker in a timely manner.
•  Set up processing, fermentation and elevage protocols for harvest for a wide range of grapes and styles. (Sauv. Blanc, Chard, Pinot, Cab., etc.).
•  Create and implement a short-term production calendar.
•  Perform routine lab analyses on a weekly and monthly basis.
•  Ensure all barrels are sound and sanitary. Manage regular topping schedule and maintain empty cooperage ( VA check, monthly sulfite doses, swelling, etc.).

Wine Tracking & Inventory management:
•  Track / enter all bulk wine & case movements using Wine Maker Database software (WMDB) on a daily/ weekly basis.
•  Perform monthly inventory counts; oversee monthly inventory of barrels, tanks, kegs and cases and generate reports as required by the chief winemaker and accounting department.
•  Prepare monthly state tax report as well as any locally required tax reports for review by Chief winemaker.
•  Generate quarterly TTB federal reports of CW wines; prepare “Audit Trial” from WMDB for review by the chief winemaker
•  Generate Monthly wine excise tax report for NY state

COLA Application:
•  Handle all COLA applications for CW Atlanta, including house wines, artist wines, and barrel member wines.
•  Work directly with CW Graphic Designer and CW Sales Director to coordinate final artwork approved by barrel members; coordinate all label printing for City Winery wines, barrel member wines and custom client wines.

Brand ambassador, blending event, wine class .
•  Lead any potential blending event secured by the private event department
•  In charge of winemaking classes
•  Drive the tasting room opening and train floor staff about CW Wine and how to take to transition of the tasting room.
•  Represent City Winery Montgomery for all wine event

CW Tap System, retail Tap Account, Offsite Tap Set Up:
•  Oversee cellar staff to ensure all CW tap lines (including Barrel on Wheels) are maintained and sanitary. Clean all taps on monthly basis. Troubleshoot leaks. Order tap gas regularly. Maintain, clean and repair all associated tap equipment – kegs, gas regulators, couplers, etc.
•  Kegged tap wines dedicated for pier 26, maintain back up stock of pier 26 on site.
•  Coordinate the wine delivery between CW Montgomery and its wholesale and retail client including other Manhattan location (City Vineyard and Rockefelle center)

Staff Management & Training:
•  Select and oversee cellar worker.
•  Create and implement weekly and monthly routine tasks to be performed by cellar staff.
•  Create written daily work orders for cellar staff. Maintain appropriate records for all wine operations.
•  Select harvest interns.
•  Lead monthly training of any new FOH staff concerning wine keg changeovers and tap cleaning protocols.
•  Train new floor staff guiding wine tours to ensure accuracy and consistency of technical wine information as required.

Interaction with Guests:
•  Professionally represent CW during wine tasting events (onsite or offsite).
•  Professionally represent City Winery and interact with guests on a daily basis during harvest, quarterly at member parties and at other special events as required. New york winemaker will handle most of the barrel member private blending

Centralized lab analysis
•  Due to the potential move of the NY lab, we may move all NY lab equipment (spectro, Foss) into the Montgomery winery. Montgomery winemaking will be task to perform Foss’s analysis for all samples send from other CW locations.

Expected Hours:
•  During non-harvest: Work an average of 5 days per week, including some evenings if required (wine classes, member tours, etc.).
•  During harvest (September to December): Work an average of 6 to 6.5 days per week including weekends.
Physical requirement:
•  The production winemaker must be able to lift 50 lb load, to go up and down ladder and catwalk.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Sunday, August 11th
Type of Work:
Part Time
Job Category:
Salary Information:

Contact Information:

City winery Hudson Valley
david Lecomte