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Brand and Sales Manager

Star Lane and Dierberg Vineyard

Santa Ynez, CA

Job Description:

We are one family, bridging 2 brands, across 3 estates in Santa Barbara County. Star Lane and Dierberg Vineyard wines’ mission is to pursue creating an organization of excellence. To do this we have collected great people and three estate vineyards in Santa Barbara County. We strive to produce world-class wines consistent with the sense of unique place our vineyards convey and to uphold the highest standards of customer service. We believe that integral to creating world class wines is first and foremost creating a world class organization.

Candidate Attributes
•  Strategic thinker & excellent communication skills
•  Team player, management experience.
•  Brand development experience: pricing determination, go to market strategies, inventory/production planning, developing market pull of SKUs/Brand
•  CRM with experience using digital tools for engagement and analysis.
•  Experience in content creation for marketing collateral & multimedia marketing.
•  Wholesale wine industry background.
•  Ability to develop and lead market specific strategies across multiple distributors
•  Connection and/or oversight of direct to consumer channel.
•  Willing, & able to travel.
•  Professional brand ambassador locally and nationally.
•  Passion for coffee a plus.

Location: Santa Barbara County base.
Reports to: President
Direct Reports:
•  Regional Sales Managers.
•  Tasting Room and Wine Club Manager (after transition period).
Works Alongside: International sales manager); Associate Winemaker; Accounting/Bookeeper Manager

Job Goals
•  Work with President and financial team on proper brand/volume/pricing mix based.
•  Data based strategies to track brand development and equity in DTC/key wholesale markets.
•  Improve digital tools for and analysis of customer engagement.
•  Develop marketing collateral and creative content, with emphasis on digital strategies for online marketing to improve customer engagement.
•  Coordinate sales with regional team members - weekly/monthly accountability.
•  Tie wholesale marketing strategies with DTC marketing to ensure consistent and complimentary messaging across all channels.

Job Details and Mechanics

Brand and Marketing Leadership: Goals, Planning, Content Generation & Analytics (55%)
•  In consultation with President, develop, implement and manage annual sales plan – coordinating all channels, forecast and pricing/incentive strategies for each SKU.
o Maintain gross margin goals and understand pricing floors where it is understood that fruit sales would be more profitable.
•  Marketing/Sales tactics consistent with brand image, messaging, and long term goals (ensure how we present our several vis a vis sales tactics is in line with family perception of brand).
o Content and collateral creation, vetting and using digital strategies where they make sense.
•  Work with Tasting Room Manager/Wine Club Manager on vetting ideas for customer acquisition and retention with emphasis on multi-media strategies for CRM/engagement.
•  Recommend and substantiate budgeting needs, sales tactics and strategies, appropriate size of account base, pricing, on/off mix, etc.
•  Analysis: consistent evaluation of monthly distributor depletion, inventory reports to identify opportunities, discovering underperforming accounts or potential loss of distribution within the account, direct customer tasting/purchasing behavior.
•  Manage and Coordinate Media outreach and Wine reviews.

Regional Team Management/Market Work (25%)
•  Assist regional team sales members to build, manage, maintain and nurture strong and productive business relationships with key retail, restaurant, corporate and resort accounts
•  Fluent in distributor pricing methods, and individual state laws/nuances.
•  Provide principal sounding board for regional managers that rolls up their regional strategy into broader goals/needs of total company.
o Willingness to travel to regional manager markets to augment or “fill-in” for travel they are unable to cover.
•  Create ideas and programs - with eye on current production, inventory movements, gross margin maintenance – that builds consistent, profitable sales in 12 month cycles. Stay ahead of regional managers regarding program development which promotes brand health and sales.
•  Examine quality/value of current network and assist regional team in building out new (where needed) distributor relationships more in mine with company mission.

General Management (20%):
•  Coordinate with other team members with family regarding property related needs, appropriate resources to achieve desired requests.
•  Facilitate logistics associated with wholesale sales and media relations (samples, etc.).
•  Primary liaison for compliance service team.
•  Coordinate hosting of trade and media visits.
•  Facilitate work associated with executing brand/marketing strategy associated with website, marketing martials, etc.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Sunday, May 19th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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Star Lane and Dierberg Vineyard
Tyler Thomas