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Regional Manager- Central (NTX, KS, MO, OK, AR)

C. Mondavi and Family

Napa, CA

Job Description:

Job Summary
Regional Sales Manager should be based in Dallas/Fort Worth. The RSM is responsible for achieving the Company’s sales efforts in the N. TX, KS, MO, OK and AR markets by:
•  Negotiating sales and market objectives with the distributors in the region.
•  Managing the key activities to achieve company objectives.
•  Has direct Distributor responsibility to:
Motivate and educate the distributor sales staff with regards to the Company’s products and programs.
Work with the distributors’ sales staff to generate incremental sales and distribution.
•  Has direct Broker responsibility where applicable to:
Motivate and educate the selling organization with regards to the company’s products and programs
Work with the Brokers’ sales staff to generate incremental sales and distribution.
•  Gain the ability to influence key off and on-premise accounts in the area to sell and promote the Company’s products (as allowed under licensing regulations).
•  Communicating to the distributors within the region the Company’s objectives and priorities and ensuring that the distributor’s efforts are consistent with the Company’s goals and priorities.
•  Monitoring the Company’s expenditures to ensure that spending is within assigned budgets.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include but not limited to the following:
To ensure the continued sales and profit growth of C Mondavi & Family Brands:
•  Professionally present the Company with the retailers in the market to achieve appropriate distribution levels, shelf space, and feature and display activity.
•  Achieve appropriate levels of distribution and promotion across all channels of trade within their region; On premise WBTG, wine list placement, wine promotions & off premise distribution, advantage shelf position, ads and promotional displays.
•  Manage, educate and motivate the distributor and broker sales organizations.
•  Ensure that the distributors carry sufficient stock to properly service the market and avoid out-of-stocks, and that orders are placed with sufficient lead-times.
•  Ensure Senior Mgmt. team and Ownership have a concise and clear understanding of key objectives and targets for their individual selling regions, relative to Chain, off and on premise business.
•  Ensure senior mgmt. team and Ownership has a clear understanding of market issues, and provide recommendations for potential solutions.
•  Participate when necessary in trade events (retail and/or consumer) such as tasting events, shows, wine-tasting dinners, winemaker visits and etc.
•  Participate in “Crew Drives” in markets outside the primary area, as needed.
•  Ensure that promotional material and Point-of-Sale material are used effectively.
•  Ensure that all Company expenditures are within budget.
•  Ensure that all activities are conducted within the State and Federal laws and guidelines.
•  Be responsible for the servicing and maintenance of all Company assets
•  Provide management with market intelligence (competitive, distributor and trade activity and etc.)
•  Achieve competency in company tools and software (Trade Pulse, Share point, Nielsen, etc)
•  Provide the following reports within the stated times:
- Expense Reports
- Itineraries
- Retail Price Surveys
- Business reviews
- Documentation of market activities, meetings, distributor commitments/etc
- Local market information as requested by Company management (on request)
- Updated pricing structures quarterly (communicated to VP Sales, Analyst and CFO)
- Full program planning document by brand for each tier 1 & 2 market
- Completed distributor information templates for each market (updated 1x year)
- Completed planning template 1x per year (communicated to Finance)

Qualifications (work experience, preferred skills and education):
5+ years of experience in regional wine sales representation and college degree preferred
Core Competencies:
•  Business awareness: a knowledge and understanding of the business at the industry, distributor and customer level
•  Communication skills: the ability to transfer an understanding to others accurately and effectively as well as understanding others accurately.
•  Implementation skills: the ability to implement strategies and tactical plans and then manage the subsequent completion of projects
•  Customer Focus: Incorporating key customer needs in the development and implementation of business objectives
•  Negotiation Skills: the interpersonal skills used to arrive at win: win outcomes in all business dealings with key business partners, customers and colleagues.
•  Team membership: the ability to work w/ others to achieve a mutually beneficial goal. Create a positive environment, which encourages colleagues to recognize their strengths & weaknesses, improve on their development areas & leverage their individual strengths.
•  Leadership: the ability to lead others to achieve a common goal with positive business results
•  Innovation: generates valuable ideas and uses these ideas to develop new or improved processes, methods, products, or services; constantly looks for incremental improvements in work processes and results.
•  Personal responsibility: Demonstrates a sense of ownership and self-motivation in achieving business and personal development objectives.
•  Decision making/judgment: makes decisions, renders judgments, takes actions of made commitments, after considering the available courses of action.
•  Manage Finance: identify, agree and monitor financial resources needed to support market plans and take action to address issues and improve costs.
•  Distributor & Trade Management: Effectively manages assign territory through and with the Distributor partners, maximizing overall portfolio participation with the trading customers. Utilizing an approach that includes; planning, organizing key activities, regularly measures market results and implements corrective action.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Thursday, December 6th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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