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Executive Director

Rutherford Dust Society

Rutherford, CA

Executive Director

Job Description:

Executive Director for Rutherford Dust Society
The Rutherford Dust Society is seeking response to a contractor bid for an Executive Director. The Executive Director position supports execution of the goals and objectives set forth by the Board of Directors. This is an active role, providing continuity and momentum for the Rutherford Dust Society’s initiatives, from start to finish. By executing the strategy established by the Board, the Executive Director creates impact through relationship building, expertise in marketing communications, events, a desire to support/grow/cultivate the membership and promote Rutherford as an AVA. In collaboration with an active Board of Directors, the Executive Director provides an essential function for the growth and success of the Rutherford Dust Society.

Rutherford Dust Society
The Rutherford Appellation was designated in 1993 and was founded in 1994 by growers and vintners in tribute to the legacy of our grape growing and winemaking forebears. Since the late 19th century, the growers and vintners of Rutherford have played a significant role in the development of Napa Valley as a world-class winegrowing region
Through our collective efforts the Rutherford Appellation will be the leading wine region worldwide and will be preserved and enhanced for future generations.
The Society’s mission is to encourage and promote the highest quality standards in grape growing and winemaking in the Rutherford Viticultural Area, and to help wine lovers and the wine trade discover Rutherford’s expression of its unique terroir.
•  To promote the Rutherford appellation through activities designed to increase awareness of this appellation and its wines.
•  To offer an atmosphere in which members can cultivate relationships in order to increase accessibility to Rutherford wines
•  Be the #1 choice for premium wine in Napa Valley
Key Performance Indicators
The successful candidate will move the following metrics forward:
•  Increased awareness of Rutherford appellation and its wines.
•  Increased participation in all Rutherford Dust Events that support the Wineries, Growers, Consumers and the Community.
•  Increased Membership Contribution
The Successful Candidate

•  Successful Event Planning Oversight and Execution.
•  Excellent Marketing Communication skills. Responsibilities including but not limited to Social Media, Press Release & Newsletter.
•  Good knowledge of wine – knowledge of Rutherford/Napa Valley Wines a plus.
•  Good insight into lifestyle & consumer trends.
•  Established, strong relationships with media and trade
- Key media – all categories including social media
- Key trade accounts - both on and off premise accounts
- Key wine and food educational institutions (trade and consumer)
•  Experience in wine marketing and promotions
•  Experience in managing special events such as seminars, tastings, winemaker dinners
•  Experience using social media as a marketing tool
•  Possess an extensive, up-to-date database of top tier wine trade, media and consumers for wine promotion and education events
•  Ability to create reports with performance measures and offer program recommendations
•  Organized, proactive, assertive and an excellent communicator

Particulars about the Position
The Executive Director role must have a firm grasp of the RDS event cycle. This is an important vehicle for the organization to reach its target audiences: RDS members, media, trade, consumers, and—last but not certainly not least—the community.
Throughout the year, the Executive Director will work both separately and with RDS committees to help plan, budget, promote, and manage events. While each event is unique, coordination by the Executive Director will include winery and grower communication, venue selection, ticket sales, and member participant management. The Executive Director will also be the day-of contact for most events and will coordinate set-up and break-down.
Each event will be promoted with a press release, inclusion on the website, an email to the RDS mailing list, and social media. A follow-up survey may also be performed. As needed, the Executive Director may suggest additional advertising and/or promotions for events, but this must be a committee decision.
The seven events that currently fall under the Executive Director’s purview include:
•  Annual Meeting and Dinner – Early Feb
•  Premiere Napa Valley Preview Event – Late Feb.
•  Rutherford Wine Experience – Last weekend in April or first weekend in May
•  Day in the Dust (DITD) – Second Wednesday in July
•  Chili Ball – First Sunday in Aug.
•  NV Film Fest. – Mid-Nov.
•  Holiday Event – First Sunday in Dec.

Marketing Communications (social media, website, newsletters)
The Executive Director essentially functions as the Marketing arm of the RDS organization. This includes ongoing administration of the RDS website, video, and social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Additional communications provided by the Executive Director include a bi-monthly newsletter. The newsletter will feature relevant content, such as event promotions or recaps. A sample 2017 editorial calendar follows below:

o Jan. – with special focus on upcoming Annual Meeting and PNV, Wine Experience
o March - with special focus on Annual Meeting wrap-up, and upcoming Wine Experience
o May – with special focus on Wine Experience wrap-up, and upcoming DitD and Chili Ball
o July - with special focus on DitD wrap-up, and upcoming Chili Ball
o Sept. - with special focus on Chili Ball wrap-up, upcoming NVFF and Holiday Event, and save-the-date notification for events for following year.
o Nov. - with special focus on NVFF wrap-up, upcoming Holiday Event, and save-the-date notification for events for following year.

Budget Fee $60,000 per year.
Contract period. Annual; January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Friday, September 14th
Type of Work:
Part Time
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Rutherford Dust Society
Steve Tonella