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Estate Wine Experience Specialist

Medlock Ames

Healdsburg, CA

Job Description:

Medlock Ames Estate Wine Experience Specialist

We craft small amounts of quality, artisanal wines in an ethical way. Our dedication to sustainability is a way of life, and we love what we do. We believe in maintaining a natural balance in our vineyards and surrounding forest area. We have 338 acres with less than 20% devoted to vines. We’re sustainable and organically-farmed. Our CCOF certified organic estate ranch is solar-powered and tucked away on the southeast corner of Alexander Valley atop Bell Mountain.

We are looking for someone to lead our tour program and showcase our unique property to guests. This person will be the lead in organizing and executing an experiential program that takes guests through our eco-friendly vineyards, winery, garden, plus taste our wines…in tank, in barrel and at a seated tasting.

If you are a self-starter, can lead by example, are highly organized, excellent with people, and have a passion for wine, we encourage you to join our small team.

These are the characteristics and qualifications of people who will thrive here:
1. People who naturally radiate authentic warmth and an upbeat attitude. Nice people, genuine and kind, people who like people and receive personal satisfaction from making guests happy. People with an “internal” service calling, who take pleasure in (and are emotionally rewarded) when being thoughtful to others. This sets the tone for a heartwarming, thoroughly enjoyable, emotionally satisfying experience for our guests as opposed to a visit to the gatekeeper at the boarding gate of many airports.
2. People who lead by example, common sense and street smarts. Empathic, imbued with an awareness of how their behavior affects others, guests, co-workers, etc.; sincere people with good people skills, good hospitality instincts and intuition, talents and skills.
3. People who have a good work ethic, the desire to do everything well, no short cuts, no slacking, an internal need to do their fair share of all of the responsibilities at work; Always striving for excellence and generous of spirit, with an understanding that we are all responsible for the circumstances in our lives; continuously working to improve themselves and everything around them.
4. People who are able to think on their feet; able to stand in the middle of chaos without freaking out (its hospitality, after all).
5. People with the ability to ask for help and the willingness to help others without keeping score.
6. People who are self-aware, with an accurate appraisal of their own strengths and weaknesses (and willing to work on both of them). Compassionate of the foibles of others and a ‘safe haven’ for others. People with an internal need for integrity, personal responsibility, honesty, the ability to make good choices and the drive to do their fair share.
7. People with the desire to be a great teammate, an understanding of the win-win principle and the Law of Reciprocity.
8. Previous hospitality or wine education experience is necessary.
9. Ability to flow with change and the confidence to add visitors to a tour, even on the same day.
10. Detail-oriented and timely.
11. Able to take ownership and follow-through.
12. Ability to cultivate and sustain relationships with hotels, tour guides and other wineries to keep our tours full.
13. Ability to use computer (basic skills) and excellent telephone manners.
14. Interest in sustainability and/or culinary/wine aspects encouraged.
15. Desire to continually improve the “system.” Working closely with the DTC Leadership Team, look to evolving the tours to create memorable experiences that drive brand loyalty.
•  Full-time – hourly, plus commission.
•  Full Benefits
•  Reports to President

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Monday, February 19th
Type of Work:
Full Time

Contact Information:

Medlock Ames
James Connell