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Qualified Applicator / Pest Control Operator

St. Helena, CA

Job Description:

The Qualified Applicator/Pest Control Operator is responsible for overseeing the management of vineyard / ranch spray programs(including but not limited to fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, and fertilizer).

You will also be required to assist in viticultural practices including; cultivation, thinning, pruning, tying, suckering, canopy management, planting, replanting, irrigating and harvesting. Also monitoring and reporting issues related to vineyard health and fruit quality, equipment movement requests and other general practices of vineyard management.
QAL/PCO will be given an approved schedule and budget of hours to perform tasks at each ranch assigned to that manager.

QAL/PCO will, at times, be expected to address complex problems that are critical to the objectives of this position. At times you will be expected to implement a viticulture program that balances its concerns within operational, climatic and local community and political constraints. QAL/PCO must communicate with General Manager regarding the health and maintenance of ranches.

-Compliance and Safety Training for all pesticide applications
-Calibration of spray equipment
-Correct operation and maintenance of spray equipment
-Applications completed in a timely manner, with proper equipment and personnel
-Ensure that all pesticide safety procedures and policies are followed at all times
-Ensure organic farming protocols are followed at all times
-Understand and train all assigned employees in company Policy and Procedures
-Complete all regularly scheduled vineyard tasks and work within budget.
-Assist with frost protection
-Ensure that all required field sanitation equipment (toilets, water, etc.) and required postings are on site and maintained properly before work begins.
-Ensure that all necessary equipment is on site and in good operating condition prior to work.
-Ensure that all employees under your supervision are properly trained and authorized to use the equipment required and that they carry out their duties safely.
-Ensure that all employees under your supervision have been provided with appropriate safety training and protective equipment.
-Monitor and Report vineyard health and fruit quality issues
-Other duties or tasks as assigned

Job Requirements:

QAL/PCO must have up to date knowledge and experience in viticulture, pest management and cultural techniques. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience/training in Horticulture, Viticulture, or related field. QAL/PCO Candidate must have or be able to obtain a Qualified Applicators Licenses within two months of employment. A valid California Driver’s License and clean DMV Record are required

Our company offers competitive compensation, medical, dental, vision and 401K.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Wednesday, December 6th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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