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Assistant Winemaker

Napa, CA

Job Description:

Located in Napa, our winery is looking for an Assistant Winemaker to join our team. Ideal candidates will have international winemaking experience.


•  Work closely with lead Winemaker, interacting on a daily basis.
•  Develop and maintain plans for winemaking and blending operations.
•  Develop and understand priorities for winemaking operations.
•  Coordinate pre-bottling winemaking and wine blending activities.
•  Maintain records of wine blending operations.
•  Maintain up to the moment inventories of bulk wine.
•  Quality assurance and quality control of bulk wine and lees intake and processing. Responsible for tasking incoming lees and determining which winemaking program each IBC of lees will follow.
•  Perform complete chemical profile analysis of all wine and juice entering winery, whether as bulk wine, grape juice, or by roto-vac extraction from lees.
•  Meet regularly with Director of Cellar Operations and other Assistant Winemakers.
•  Prepare work orders. Production is responsible for ensuring that work orders are carried out correctly, and to determine corrective actions when necessary.

•  Oversee operations of analysis laboratory and supervise Laboratory Technicians.
•  Take and analyze bulk wine samples to ensure work orders are carried out correctly, and that wine production proceeds according to plan.
•  Perform periodic (every three weeks) analysis of the free SO2 and Volatile Acidity of wines.
•  Quality assurance and quality control of bottled wine.
•  Collect quality control samples from bottling crew from each bottling.
•  Submit one sample from each bottling to third-party laboratory for analysis of microbiological stability.
•  Ensure that fill volume is within acceptable deviation of 750 mL.
•  Check Oxygen pickup (amount of O2 absorbed by wine during bottling process) and check vacuum pressure in the bottle headspace.
•  Main work schedules and oversee quality of performance.
•  Ensure that Laboratory is maintained in clean orderly slate.

Inventory Management
•  Maintain inventories of all reagents and materials needed for operation of laboratory.
•  Maintain inventories of all reagents and materials needed for winemaking.
•  Coordinate with Project Coordinator to order materials as needed.

•  Bachelor’s degree in Enology or related, or a combination of education, training and experience.
•  3-5 years winemaking experience, with international winemaking highly preferred.
•  Thermovinification techniques that involve heat to extract polyphenols from the grapes.
•  Maturity evolution control.
•  Control of the malolactic fermentation.

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Tuesday, December 5th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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