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Sales Executive - Northern California

Rishi Tea

Northern California, CA

Job Description:

Department: Sales
Status: Exempt
Reports to: Director Luxury & Brand Alignment
Location: Northern California

Rishi is the vanguard practitioner of tea and botanical arts. We are a wellspring to curious, brave seekers through our devotion to this practice. Rishi is direct trade, the best source importer of organic teas and botanicals. We travel adventurously to nurture our relationships with growers and to continually connect with the origins. The side-by-side, hands-on work with producer partners is fundamental to our research and development. We honor the traditions of the world’s heritage teas by curating and delivering only the very best. We draw inspiration from the global culinary arts and sensory disciplines to create cutting-edge botanical products. Our artisanal manufacturing competencies and certifications satisfy the most exacting international food safety standards. This is Rishi’s method to share the tea life.

Job Description: The Sales Executive is responsible for contributing to sales growth of Northern California through new customer acquisition, customer retention and realizing growth opportunities within the current customer base and by prospecting both inbound and outbound leads. The Sales Executive (SE) will be in daily contact with both current and prospective customers. Core responsibilities include processing orders, working with all teams within Rishi to successfully coordinate business needs, presenting new products to current accounts and closing new accounts. Additionally, this position will solicit new business opportunities in designated Northern California Region by visiting accounts in person and/or managing the market by working with our distribution partners and direct customers. Finally, this role will support all regional sales needs as outlined by the Director Luxury & Brand Alignment and will work closely with her to produce reports outlining the new business opportunities and reviewing sales targets and goals for the upcoming period(s).
Physical requirements:
•  Stand, walk, sit at a desk
•  Type and communicate via commonly used office equipment including telephone and email
•  Ability to lift up to 40 pounds for delivering orders to customers and/or setting up events and/or demonstrations
•  Ability to drive and/or travel by air up to 50%

•  Computer and MS Office
•  Highly attentive and proactive customer service
•  Work independently and as part of a team
•  Self-motivated and proactive
•  Highly effective and persuasive communication skills
•  Presentation skills and high level of comfort explaining or demonstrating in front of large and varied groups
•  Attention to detail
•  Time-management, prioritization and organizational skills
•  Basic addition and subtraction and conversion from metric to American Standard units of measure
•  Observation and analytical skills

Goals of position:

•  Contribute to sales growth of region through new customer acquisition, customer retention, and growth opportunities with current customer base
•  Ensure superior level of customer service and account management
•  Educate customers about new and existing products as well as tea brewing techniques and general tea knowledge
•  Utilize company CRM/ERP for all aspects of account management: lead generation and contact, accounts set up (following appropriate procedures as developed by A/R) to complete order cycle
•  Provide clear expectations and information regarding out-of-stocks, new product arrivals, order fulfillment times, shipping and all other trouble-shooting required for account management;
•  Work across departments to ensure customers’ needs are met in all areas including A/R, new product development (R&D, compliance, purchasing), blending, production, fulfillment, shipping and creative
•  Daily contact with leads and accounts through email and telephone
•  In-market sales calls and customer visits including coordinating tea classes, demonstrations and presentations as approved by the RSD
•  In-person visits to market as assigned by Regional Sales Director or Company executive.
•  Responsible for being aware of and following all food safety protocols as required by Rishi Tea's food safety management system, as they relate to this position.
Sphere of Interaction:
This position interacts and interfaces with the following roles and positions:
•  CEO
•  CFO
•  President
•  Vice President of Sales
•  Office Personnel
•  Customers
•  Suppliers
•  Compliance Supervisor/SQF Practitioner

Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Friday, November 10th
Type of Work:
Full Time
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