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Mobile Bottling Line Operator/Partner/Owner

Remote > Napa, CA

Job Description:

Mobile bottling Line manager/operator sought.
Work for yourself running a mobile bottling line. Previous operator made so much money he's retiring, now we need someone else who is ready to take on the responsibility and profit of helping us run this business. Must be capable of towing, running, maintaining and fixing the entire line. Set your hours and days. Located in Northern California/North Bay, but operations could be moved just about anywhere. This bottling trailer requires access to a 5th wheel capable truck. If you don't have access to a vehicle like this, it is possible to work with one of the existing partners who does have a truck that can pull it, but in the long run, we are looking for someone who wants to take over responsibility entirely. Get started earning money and you'll be able to afford your own truck shortly.

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Additional Information:

Job Posted:
Tuesday, May 14th
Type of Work:
Full Time
Job Level:
$1OO,OOO.OO ‍−‌ $2OO,OOO.OO Pay based on ability to hustle!