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Speidel Fruit Press | Hydro Wine Press 90L
Date Posted:
Wednesday, July 10th
Oracle, AZ
Speidel Fruit Press | Wine Press | Hydro Press | 90L

This wine / fruit press was lightly used for 2 harvest years on a small hobby farm. Stored inside. Please note, this unit is the painted orange version, not stainless steel.

Price: $1650

Pick up in Oracle, AZ

Expertly crafted steel and stainless steel fruit press made by the original manufacturer of the bladder press
Features a slotted screen which mirrors commercial press designs
Higher juice yield (65-70%) compared to other press models
Can be used with any domestic water supply that provides at least 36 psi of pressure
Easy to clean after use—simply spray down with a hose and towel dry
Made in Germany by Speidel

Speidel was the original manufacturer of the bladder press. While similar to the Italian models in operation, Speidel offers a few quality upgrades. To obtain a better press Speidel uses a slotted screen, similar to what is offered on large commercial presses, instead of a screen with circular perforations. Speidel presses also offer superior hardware and a recessed valve assembly (to reduce accidental breakage). Insert bag and outer splash guard included. Compared to other presses, the Speidel hydro press has a higher juice yield (~65-70%) and works completely without electricity and with minimal effort.

This press can be used with any domestic water supply the provides at least 2.5 bar (36 psi) of pressure. Pressing pressure and pressing time is simply regulated by the water flow. These units are extremely easy to care for and can be cleaned quickly by simply spraying it down with a hose after use. You will find the quality you'd expect from a product that is 100% German-made. Orange painted exterior is easy to clean and rust-resistant.

Overall height is 42" and basket height is 23.5". A press cycle averages around 45 minutes.


Complete press assembly
Fabric cover for press
Fabric spray-protection bag to keep juice from squirting out of screen
Fittings to connect garden hose
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