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Macro Bins - Half Ton - $550 Each
Date Posted:
Wednesday, July 10th
Macro Bin - Half Ton - 2 Available / $550 Each.

Pick up in Oracle, AZ

The most popular bin in the wine industry for picking and fermenting. Made from injection molded, high-density food-grade plastic, they are built to withstand forklifting. Holds a half-ton of whole grapes or approximately a ton of crushed fruit. Because they have an internal flat bottom, smooth curved hygienic surfaces, and a great geometry, they are often used as an inexpensive primary fermenter. They work well for this application because they offer good heat dispersal and skin contact.

These will hold about 180 gallons of liquid and have a functional capacity of about 135 gallons of fermenting must, allowing for cap development.

Cubic capacity: 42,000 cubic inches
Tare weight: 96 pounds
External dimensions:
Length: 47"
Width: 47"
Height: 28"
Internal depth: 22.5"
Container design: Double-wall corner and center posts
Foot design: Two full-length feet with positive interlocking feature

Note: These bins are stored outside so they may be slightly dirty upon pick up. These will need to be cleaned prior to use due to the storage conditions.
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Steph Jorgl