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Della Toffola ION EXCHANGE pH reduction machine
Date Posted:
Wednesday, July 10th
Paso Robles, CA
2017 Della Toffola DTX20 for sale $45,000
In very good condition and checked by professionals
Full training available

This is a completely automated 2000 liters per hour Ion Exchange machine that reduces potassium (shifting pH down for juice or wine) and makes white and rose wine cold stable.
220 volts 3 phase 30amp

This is an innovative technology that exploits the action of ionic exchange resins, which can be regenerated perfectly with the aid of a sulfuric acid solution.

The quantity of potassium contained in the wine being stabilized is gradually reduced. By reading the pH values at the inlet and at the outlet, the operator can establish the resulting level of wine stabilization and continue the process until the required condition has been reached.

The onboard two resin tanks are perfectly independent both in the regeneration of the resins and during the measurement of the pH by means of suitable instrument on the outlet of the treated wine.

The main effects of this treatment are:
•  Lowering the pH resulting in less risk of malolactic fermentation.
•  improvement of the tartaric stability (reduced conductivity fall)
•  increase of colour vibrancy in red wines
•  general improvement of organoleptic characteristics due to an injection of freshness on the nose that is perceptible in the mouth
•  lowering the concentration of calcium and potassium ions, resulting in the achievement of the tartaric stability
•  lowering the concentration of Iron and metals in General (reduced risk of iron content) – Manganese reduction.
•  increase of total acidity
•  aromatic stabilisation
•  This technology is very interesting even when applied on musts clarified (turbidity < 30 NTU), thus bringing the pH around the desired value you can lead the fermentation with less risk of bacterial alterations and with a reduced use of sulfites.
Della Toffola ION EXCHANGE pH reduction machine Della Toffola ION EXCHANGE pH reduction machine
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Manu Fiorentini