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New Winus Portable Glycol Chillers
Date Posted:
Monday, April 1st
Woodinville, WA
WoodinSteel LLC
Brand new Glycol chillers for sale!
Featuring Winus Portable Glycol Chiller! This chillers are ready to use, can be ordered in three different size, they can control up to eight tanks individually! Also comes with heat option!

Download the whole catalog here:

We offer a full range of compact chillers from Winus Srl, Made in Italy. All Stainless Steel, no plastic or sheet metal components. All units are custom made for your needs. Can be ordered as a single circuit, or up to 8 circuits, with independent controllers. The unit can be ordered with an included electric heater as well.

WINUS chillers are suitable for the oenological, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries. The company produces a vast range of coolers with cooling power that runs from 1.4kW to 105kW. The chillers are equipped with a thermostat and a temperature sensor to automatically control the temperature of glycol working within a tank jacket. 

All the chillers come with:
-Internal circulation pump
-Cooled liquid storage tank
-Safety components required for the hydraulic and cooling system.
-Controller and probe to control glycol temperature and product temperature.


•  Chilling must for extraction of color and increase complexity of aromas.
•  Heating of must after cold soak to start primary fermentation.
•  Clarification of must for white wines.
•  Fermentation at controlled temperatures.
•  Tartaric precipitation.
•  Heating of wines for secondary fermentation (MLF).
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