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#1 - Mobile/Stationary Bottling Line and More
Date Posted:
Tuesday, September 19th
Salem, OR
dundee mobile bottlers
Harvest is underway and TAKING BEST OFFER:

53 foot custom manufactured mobile trailer and all new equipment put into service in 2017
Operated as a mobile "facility" and ideal as a static bottling operation
Ideal for larger wineries with multiple operations, custom winemaking facility, co-packaging, non-wine, etc.
This is a one-of-a-kind versatile, custom designed assemblage of bottling equipment for bottling of still AND in-line and pre-carbonated products up to 5.0 atmospheres
Includes 28-foot Chase Trailer containing Padovan carbonator, 7.5 HP glycol chiller and 90kW generator, and N2 generator
20-spout 4033 RE HP Gai electro pneumatic, counter-pressure filler with Gai 6080 capsule distributor/spinner for Stelvin Pressure and Pasteurization screw caps
16-head bottle rinser, sparger
Pull up to 2 vacuum bottle aerations, with N2 sparge @ filler bowl, prior to filling...resulting in a lower TPO than starting DO in bottling tank...
3-head corker - conventional and Champagne, 26 mm crown cap applicator, ROPP applicator
Gai 6080 - Automatic capsule distributor applicator 2-station pressure sensitive labeler
Icon bottle etcher/coder
Numerous change parts for 250 ML, 375 ML, 750 ML and 1.5L
Freightliner tractor also available
Too much to list
Very clean and impeccably maintained
Fully operational with all necessary equipment to bottle tomorrow
Serious inquiries only, no equipment brokers please
Contact Information
dundee mobile bottlers
Joe Dobbes