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Tanks, bins, barrel racks, steamer
Date Posted:
Wednesday, September 13th
Oakland, CA
List updated with sold items taken off:

(1) barrel/ tank steamer 480v 30kw older model, Electrosteam brand, refurbished and upgraded by Aaquatools in 2015. With 2 hoses and thick power supply cable. - $3500
(1) Aaqua tools barrel steam wand - New $720 + Tax. Sell for $500 - great wand and in great condition.
(2) Flextank "Appolo" 240gal egg tanks/fermentors. $1500+ new. Sell for $ 750/ea - One remaining- missing lid Sell for $700. The lid is easily available from Flextank.
(1) 2000L Flat bottom VC tank on pallet. Originally sold by Criveller, $2400 + tax new. Sell for $1600 with a big plastic pallet
(2) barrel racks $75/ea - Price drop - $50/ea
(1) Macro harvest bins $150/ea - medium condition
(1) Variable height topping straw for kegs - a great product from TCW (no affiliation) New $250 - Sell for $175. In great shape.
(1) "torpedo fermetor suction device - From TCW - New $329 - Sell for $250. Great shape
Various other racking wands - inquire

Discounts for multiple items or the whole lot.

Mori basket press and Toyota electric forklift with rotator available - inquire.
Tanks, bins, barrel racks, steamer Tanks, bins, barrel racks, steamer
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Nick Johnson