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Reverse Osmosis Unit & Anion Exchange for Wine
Date Posted:
Wednesday, August 23rd
San Pablo, CA
Pressure Drop Filtration LLC
New powerful portable reverse osmosis filtration unit designed for wine and beverage filtration.

* 3/4 horsepower motor, 120V, internal thermal protection
* Stainless rotary vein pump, 250 psi operating pressure
* Two 4" x 40" (4040) RO membranes
* Stainless 2.5" x 10" sediment pre filter
* Strong 3/16" x 4" powder coated metal mounting brackets
* 1.5" T.C. inlet and concentrate outlet ports
* 3/8" push to connect permeate port

* Alcohol reduction without diluting product
* Volatile acidity reduction
* Smoke taint reduction
* Concentration of product
* Portable water filtration

Couple this unit with a strong base anion exchange filter (available at our site) to remove volatile acidity from the RO permeate and retain wine alcohol.
We also offer a smaller RO unit available at our site.
All units are pressure tested before shipping and can be run unsupervised.

Visit our site to learn more!
Reverse Osmosis Unit & Anion Exchange for Wine Reverse Osmosis Unit & Anion Exchange for Wine
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Pressure Drop Filtration LLC
Kevin Dyer