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2,150L Marchisio Variable Capacity Tank
Date Posted:
Wednesday, November 17th
Richmond, CA
Subject to Change Wine Co
2,150L Marchisio Variable Capacity Tank. Flat bottom with a 14" custom fabricated stand that's 14" high with leveling feet that can be used to move the tank around on a pallet jack or with a forklift. The metal stand has a winch mounted to it which moves the lid up and down through the boom arm which is great since the tank is somewhat tall and this makes the lid easy to manage.

The tank itself is 78" high and 48" in diameter (very small footprint for a tank this size). There's a 13" diameter bottom door, sample valve and 2" bottom valve.

There's a brand new gasket for the bottom door, this tank is very handy for fermentation, bottling, racking or elevage.
Contact Information
Subject to Change Wine Co
Alexander Pomerantz