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Speidel 90 Liter Bladder Press for Wine or Cider
Date Posted:
Tuesday, November 16th
Angwin, CA
Speidel Bladder Press - 90 Liter. This press is in good used condition. I can deliver it in the Bay Area, possibly further away if you are certain you want it. Can accept cash or paypal. I'm a small-time winemaker. this press works really well with water or an air compressor. I always used a water hose with the quick release valve. It's 2 years old and has always been well maintained. Some of the powder coated paint has come off the base, but this does not affect functionality at all. Underneath is stainless steel and it's easily sanitized and scoured before each pressing. You can get through over 1 ton of fruit with this press in a day. I am selling because I have two presses and only need one for my small winery. I'll even throw in some bottles of my wine as well.

FYI: This press costs $1560+ new with some serious shipping for the 92 lb weight. Also sometimes they are hard to find depending on supply chain.

From the manufacturer:

The original bladder press!

Speidel water bladder presses are top of the line, with quality manufacturing and attractive features such as a slotted screen to obtain a better press, superior hardware, and a recessed valve assembly. Water bladder presses are easy to use, they get better juice extraction than ratchet style presses, and are more gentle on the fruit.

Ideal for pressing grapes, it was originally designed for pressing apple with optimal extraction. Also useful for making herbal tinctures, de-watering marinated vegetables, pressing honeycomb, and many other applications.

The press comes with:

Complete press assembly
Inner mesh bag (to keep fruit from getting in the stainless basket and make cleanup easier)
Plastic "spray-protection bag" to keep juice from squirting out
Fittings to connect garden hose or air compressor
Contact Information
Alejandro Fargosonini