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New Portable IBC Wine Tanks! 330 Gallon in stock
Date Posted:
Monday, November 8th
Napa, Portland, So Cal., Dallas, Cleveland OH, CA
Tanks For Wine, Inc.
"Brand new" poly 330 Gallon RMX Wine Tanks! Great "Short Term" storage tanks for Bulk Wine Transportation, racking, blending & bottling. Don't trust your valuable wine to a used tank, when you really don't know what could possibly have been in their previously! Also known as IBC Totes.

- Credit Cards Accepted!
- In stock every day in Napa Valley CA, Riverside CA, Portland OR, & Chicago IL.
- Will call or shipping available everywhere in the USA.
- 2" Tri Clover Adapters available in 304 SS.
- 2 stock sizes available; 275 gal & 330 gal.
- Both will stack on top of each other up to 3 high when full!
- Made of brand new Virgin FDA Approved High Density Polyethylene. With a 2" Ball Valve, NPT thread. We utilize a reconditioned outer galvanized steel cage in great condition.

Here is our website link on these units with photos and more info:

These will also help open up a lot of space in your warehouse! Stack them 3 high when full, that's almost 1000 gallons in one pallet space. Brand new inner tank, valve, & lids with previously reconditioned steel cages that are in great condition!

We have stock available at the following locations, available usually on a daily basis!

- Napa Valley, CA
- Riverside, CA
- Portland, OR
- Austin, TX
- Chicago, IL

275 Gal, 1000 Liter
$365 each. Stocking locations in Napa Valley, Portland OR & Riverside CA for your Bulk Wine needs! Please inquire to check stock on hand.

330 Gal, 1250 Liter
$395 each, In stock in Napa Valley, Portland OR & Riverside CA for your Bulk Wine needs! Please inquire to check stock on hand.


We have been in business for 25 years, and have made our mission to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied! Our industry experience is in the Food & Wine, Semiconductor & Electronic, Chemical, Oil & Petroleum, and Agricultural Industries.

We gladly offer Net 30 Terms, or accept Visa & Mastercard

Please email or call us to place your order! And take a look at our website,
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Tanks For Wine, Inc.
Ron Althouse