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Bottling Line WANTED!!
Date Posted:
Wednesday, June 9th
Valley View, OH
Malbec Supplies LLC
Bottling & labeling line requirements:
- Monoblock preferably, but multiple connected units or tri-block also an option.
- Cork and Stelvin options. VERY IMPORTANT!!
- Counterpressure for sparkling TBD.
- Ideal working speed is 1,440 – 3,200 bph
- Bottle rinser preferably
- Bottle sparging point (to gas empty rinsed bottle before filling N2)
- Bottling line needs to be in-sync with labeling station. They need to be of the same brand, preferably sold as a whole unit or recommended labeling station for that bottling station. VERY IMPORTANT!!
- 8 spouts minimum, gravity filler.
- Star wheels (cogs) for different bottle shapes and diameters 750 & 375 mL: Hock (Riesling), Burgundy (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir), Claret (Bordeaux)
- Labeling station needs to have enough adjusting options to accommodate taper and straight bottles (if extra roller needed to perform the task on tapered bottles OK), and to accommodate different label designs (size, shape, etc). VERY IMPORTANT!!
- Complete manual to be provided before committing to purchase.
- All seals in contact with wine need to be food grade and temperature resistant 120 C (Steam)
- Emergency stop button

If you have a machine matching our requirements, please let me know.
Contact Information
Malbec Supplies LLC
Dominic Bosch