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CITF Alien Robotic Optical Sorter - 2019
Date Posted:
Wednesday, March 17th
Napa, CA
Erosion Wine Co.
Produced in Bordeaux and first introduced in 2018, the Alien is a new technology to winemaking, and is utilized by a handful of the world's most esteemed wineries.

This is a bit different from other optical sorters in that the process of sorting is visible with the use of two robotic arms attached to two high powered vacuums. This makes it easy to see what the machine is targeting, and quick adjustments can be made to achieve the level of sorting detail you're looking for. Depending on your current sorting practices, it could substantially reduce your labor during harvest and/or substantially improve quality. We've operated it up to 4 tons per hour at around 50% MOG removal, but we found it removes over 95% of MOG when operating in the range of 2-3 tons per hour. It removes 400 pieces of MOG / pink & green berries per minute.

Currently wired for 480v 3 phase electrical, runs on two outlets-- 30 amp outlet at 16.8 kVa for the vacuum, and also a 480v 3 phase 20 amp outlet for the robotics / computer / conveyor.
CITF Alien Robotic Optical Sorter - 2019 CITF Alien Robotic Optical Sorter - 2019
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Erosion Wine Co.
Patrick Rue