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Thermo Scientific Genesys 10uv Spectrophotometer
Date Posted:
Wednesday, January 13th
Woodinville, WA
Category 5 Cellars
Used, just pulled this from production! Test your must and wine with this Thermo Scientific (Spectronic) Genesys 10uv Spectrophotometer. This is one of easiest gold standard units in the wine world, and does not use proprietary assay kits, so you can shop for the best deal. This is the UV or Ultra-Violet model of the spectrophotometer which is capable of testing all the way down to 190nm, well under the visible spectrum. That means this unit can easily handle all of your existing needs, as well as handle anything in the future. It does not include a built in printer (you'll never use it anyway), but can be purchased in the after market.

Standards were run recently to test accuracy, and results were right on!

I primarily use this equipment to run the following tests:

•  Residual Sugar
•  YAN (Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen)
•  Malic Acid
•  Volatile Acidity (acetic, not ethyl)

However, there are literally hundreds of additional tests you can do including:

•  Alcohol
•  SO2 (Free and Total)
•  Tartaric Acid
•  Various Tannin & Phenolic levels

Cost usually comes out to around $2.50 - $3.50 per test. Do the math and figure out how much money you will save on lab fees, not to mentioned the increased logistical advantage of being able to run a test "on demand", and not have to wait for the lab to process your samples.

As a previous wine lab consultant, and now winery owner, I highly recommend Megazyme testing kits for this Spectrophotometer. I would be happy to email you the links to each individual test kit so you can purchase directly from Megazyme.

$2800 OBO
Message me with questions! I can also email you additional information, such as manufacture brochure and manual.
Thermo Scientific Genesys 10uv Spectrophotometer
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Category 5 Cellars