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3 Inch Must or Juice Pump--Rebuilt
Date Posted:
Thursday, October 8th
Sierra Foothills, CA
Description: is pleased to offer:

Inoxpa Progressive Cavity Pump * Lot BG1 * $4,900 * Up to 70gpm and 87psi, with 3" inlet/outlet for moving must, juice or wine. Completely rebuilt. Includes remote control, wheeled cart, variable flow drive. 230V, 3-phase. Similar to current Inoxpa KSF-50 model priced @ $9,500. Located in El Dorado County

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Positive Displacement Pump * Lot BG2 * $7,100 * Near new, Vogelsang-130 stainless steel HiFlo Wine Pump, up to 150 gpm and 65psi. 3" tri-clover inlet/outlet, NBR elastomeric lobes, 7.5 HP Nord geared invertor duty motor, and variable flow drive. 230V, 3-phase. Mounted on S/S cart. Purchased in 2017. $10,800 new. Located in El Dorado County.

Vacuum Corker * Lot SQ5 * $1,200 obo * Bertolaso semi-automatic vacuum corker. Clean, works well. Perfect for oversized bottles and tiny lots. Owner would like it to go to a "good home." Located in Santa Cruz County.

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1000g Variable Capacity Tank * Lot RM1 * $2,900 * Single wall, variable capacity tank with floating lid, winch and sample valve. Built in Italy by Lacoinox. No jacket. Perfect for small lot storage. Located in Livermore, CA

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3 Inch Must or Juice Pump--Rebuilt 3 Inch Must or Juice Pump--Rebuilt
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Andy Starr