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Affordable Semi-Automatic Corking Machines
Date Posted:
Monday, September 7th
Dulzura, CA
Perfect for bottling small lots or for small wineries that wish to increase corking speed while reducing the demands of manually corking the bottles.
These semi-automatic pneumatic corking machines will easily cork 10-12 bottles per minute. Built upon the common ‘Portuguese’ floor-corker, these offer ergonomic table-top operation, robustness, mechanical simplicity, and function well with a variety of both natural and synthetic corks.
These are an engineered version of two prototypes we have used reliably over the past 10 years in our own winery. All components are new, and each machine is hand assembled, tested, and pre-adjusted prior to shipment. Machines must be bolted down to a solid work surface prior to use, and require a working air pressure of 80-100 PSI for best results. The required compressor should be capable of at least 2 SCFM and preferably larger. Instructions are included for operation and maintenance. Additional photos and a short video clip of them in operation are available. We have several machines in stock for immediate shipment.
Affordable Semi-Automatic Corking Machines Affordable Semi-Automatic Corking Machines
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