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(2) 1250 Gallon Closed Tops, (1) 6-ton Open Top
Date Posted:
Friday, May 22nd
Various, CA
Description: is offering 2 x 1250 gallon closed tops and one 6-ton open top fermenters. Small tanks like these won't last long. Contact us for detailed specs and photos. More info at Photos below.

1250g Closed Tops: Lots WM1 & WM3 * $8,200 each * Top to bottom jacketed red/white fermenter with upper and lower manway doors. Price includes stand. Built by Valley Foundry. Located in Paso Robles. Free delivery to Santa Barbara, SLO and Monterey Counties only.

6-ton Open Top: Lot MG6 * $7,700 * Price Reduced. 6-ton (1700 gallon) jacketed open top with 33" channel jacket for superior chilling, 22" rectangular door for easy emptying, sample valve. Price includes stainless steel stand. Built by Criveller. Located in Sonoma County

Additional tanks and equipment:

8 ton SK Automated Punch-Down Fermenter: Lot MC3 * $12,900 * This tank will pay for itself in labor savings. Programmable, sanitary hydraulic system punches down and rotates cap. Provides rapid color extraction without leaning over a tank and punching it down 3 times a day. Oversized 22" bottom door for easy emptying, racking door. Always stored indoors. Sturdy, welded S/S legs. Details @

3211 Gallons: Lot RB3 * $10,700 * Jacketed red/white fermenter with welded stainless steel legs. Racking and bottom doors, 3" racking & drain ports, 2 thermo wells, sample valve. 12' 6"H x 8' 6"D. Built by CCS (Paso Robles Tank)

11,200 Gallons: Lot AE1 * $17,000 obo * Top to bottom jacketed white fermenter. 3 additional 2" ports near base. Stainless steel stand. Upper door only, thermo well, sample valve. Located in Mendocino County.

13,200 Gallons: Lot FB2 * $27,700 * Nearly new tank built in October 2019 by Quality Stainless. Still under warranty. Jacketed red/white fermenter with custom mixing port for better agitation. Racking and bottom doors, thermo well, sample valve. Located in Sonoma County.

Equipment: Visit for photos.

Closed Tank Membrane Press * $22,900 * Lot HC1 * Puleo model HL45 30" ground clearance so you can empty directly into bins. Well-maintained with updated control board installed in 2016. Spare parts included. Serviced by Carlsen Assoc. Spare membranes and service available. New model would cost ~ $75,000. Located in Napa County.

Impeller Pump: Lot BR02 * $3,700 * Inoxpa RG-10/40E, High quality,0-30gpm rubber impeller pump with 50' remote control cord + 50' power cord. New In Box spare impeller included. Reversible, self-priming, and can suck from a max height of 16 feet. Excellent condition. Located in Paso Robles

Buyers: helps you acquire quality stainless steel fermentation and storage tanks at a fraction of new tank prices. We also assist with loading and shipping logistics. Tanks have no moving parts and never wear out. Use your savings for barrels, a new press, a sorting system, or even a vacation.

Sellers: Let us move your excess wine tank and processing equipment inventory. It's all we do. You owe nothing until a sale is made and you've been paid.

Lot # * Capacity * Description
SOLD 3700 Gallons: Lot RB5 * 3700 Gallon red/white Westec fermenter with 2 jackets. SOLD
SOLD 2 x 5216 Gallons: Lots RB1--RB2 * 5216 jacketed red/white fermenters. Built by CCS (Paso Robles Tank) SOLD
SOLD 6500 gallon, nearly new tank built in October 2019 by Quality Stainless and still under warranty. SOLD
SOLD 2 x 2521 gallon jacketed red/white fermenters with forklift slots. SOLD
SOLD 7 x 6200 gallon jacketed, removable lid tanks. SOLD
SOLD 750 gallon variable capacity tank with 29" jacket. Welded S/S legs. SOLD
SOLD 2 x 1016 gallon closed top jacketed tanks. Perfect for whites. SOLD
SOLD 1500 gallons "dream tank" with an integrated heating and cooling system. Santa Rosa Stainless. SOLD
(2) 1250 Gallon Closed Tops, (1) 6-ton Open Top (2) 1250 Gallon Closed Tops, (1) 6-ton Open Top
Contact Information
Andy Starr