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Small Winery press, pump, lab equipment for sale
Date Posted:
Sunday, May 26th
Windsor, CA
Two Shepherds Winery
Two Shepherds is a small winery in Windsor, CA growing and upgrading some of our equipment. Everything below is in good working order.
Prices negotiable if buying multiple products, local etc. No ridiculous lowball offers, already price at fair or below market value.

(1) 2008 Bucher RPS10 - 10 Hectoliter (~1 ton) membrane press for sale. $13k.
Bought in 2016, only second owner. Serviced each year, and in good working condition.
We love this press and its been perfect for our multitude of small lots, did ~55 tons in it in 2018. As we grow production 25% again this year, and don’t have the room (or money) for two presses, so we are parting with it. To quote the Bucher techs, “they don’t make them like this anymore.”
Delivery available in the North Coast area if needed.
Power is 3 phase, 240 volt

(2) Enoventa PEV INOX peristaltic pump $4k
Working pump we bought used in 2015, that doesn’t suit what we do. It has 3” tri clover, adapted down to 1.5”, since we do juice only, not must.
Power is 3 phase, 240 volt

Lab equipment sold
Contact Information
Two Shepherds Winery
William Allen