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Delasco Perastaltic & Yamada Air Pumps for sale
Date Posted:
Thursday, October 11th
Rutherford, CA
Staglin Family Vineyard
4 pumps for sale.

2 Delasco Peristaltic Pumps: $5,000 each or $9,000 for the set
One purchased in 2002, the other purchased in 2006.
Both are Delasco NZ-60 peristaltic positive displacement pumps with 3" tri-clover fittings and surge chambers. 5hp, 3 phase motors, 480volt, with variable speed remotes. 60mm Neoprene tubes mounted on four wheel tubular stainless cart. Pumps are self priming and can run for short periods without damage. Pump 0-59 gpm wine and up to 6 tons/hr of must. Max pressure of 25 PSI. These are ideal pumpover pumps because they are so gentle on wine and can handle solids/must.

2 Yamada NDP-50 Series Double Diaphragm Air Pumps: $3,750 each or $7,000 for the pair
Purhased in 2001, these pumps are stainless steel and running great. Have replaced the diaphragms several times over the years, but the process is easy. Capable of pumping 164 gal per minute and fitted with 2" tri-clover. These are great for barrel work since you can close a valve against the flow without blowing lines.

Payment is required at or before the time of pickup
Delasco Perastaltic & Yamada Air Pumps for sale Delasco Perastaltic & Yamada Air Pumps for sale
Contact Information
Staglin Family Vineyard
Matt Peterson