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Recoopered Reds & Whites
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Thursday, August 9th
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Arroyo Grande, CA
Quality Wine Barrels Cooperage
We have Red ($175), White ($195) recoopered barrels available in stock ready for delivery, or have your own barrels recoopered for $100 a piece.

Recoopered barrels are reliably the highest quality used wine barrels available... Recoopering will provide you a nearly new barrel at a fraction of the cost of new oak.

Our proprietary barrel recoopering process is done by hand using our specially designed and built three-dimensional curved planer to avoid rotary cutting that clogs the pores of the oak and ensures each barrel is shaved in concert with the unique wood and grain characteristics of the barrel. Each barrel is then toasted to medium plus, with shaved and retoasted heads as well. The resultant barrel will impart micro-oxygenation, furfurals, trans-oak lactones, vanilluns, tannins and other oak compounds to your wine similar to that of a new barrel while retaining the original cooper's signature style and flavor characteristics, all at a fraction of the cost of a new barrel.

Simply call or email to place an order and get a freight quote to your cellar door.
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Quality Wine Barrels Cooperage
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