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Custom Crush/Barrel Storage/Case Good Storage
Date Posted:
Wednesday, July 10th
Paso Robles, CA
Peachy Canyon Winery
Peachy Canyon Winery located in the Adelaida District of the Paso Robles AVA has space available for 2024. Custom Crush up to 100 tons. Case Good Storage. Barrel Storage

Peachy Canyon winemaking team is available to provide what clients wants and needs for all winemaking services. The team is made up of many years experience from some of the best wineries throughout the Paso Robles AVA.

What is provided:
- A winemaking team each with years of experience working with both small and large fermentations and large and small finished wines.
- Pre and Post sort small lots or No Sort large volume lots
- Armbruster Rotovib
- Delta E4
- A Della Toffola 20 ton (bladder press)
- 2 - 1 ton basket Press
- 2 ton Puleo Bladder Press
- High Pressure Power Washer
- High pressure barrel washer
- Barrel steamer
- Ozone Machine
- Temperature and humidity controlled barrel storage
- Basic lab analysis including brix, pH, SO2, ML, VA, Glue/Fruc and other Spec needs
- Cold fruit storage for processing
- 1 ton - 40 ton fermentation vessels
- 48S bin fermentors
- Small and large blending and fermentation tanks
- 350 gall stainless - 20,000 gall stainless
- Chill or heat tanks
- Winemaking additives, as well as all chemicals for sanitation.
- Nitrogen, Argon, Dry Ice
- Crossflow Filtration
- Plate and Frame Filtration
- Case Good Storage
- Barrel Storage
- Loading Dock

Contact Information
Peachy Canyon Winery
Josh Beckett