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Custom Crush, Storage, and Bottling in Napa
Date Posted:
Wednesday, July 3rd
Napa, CA
RD Winery
RD Winery is a full service Custom Crush facility with open capacity for this upcoming harvest. Whether you're a new wine brand just getting started or at the helm of a sizable company aiming for expansion, our Custom Crush, Storage, and Custom Bottling can make your vision possible.

Within the walls of our modern Napa custom crush facility, we make developing and owning a wine brand accessible through the RD Winery Collective. Each client’s winemaker will collaborate with our experienced team to bring their goals and objectives to life. Clients choose us, vintage after vintage, as their cooperative winery because we supply the professional tools and an excellent cellar support team to allow them to realize their vision.

Our Services
We offer a variety of services, including Custom Crush, Temperature-Regulated Storage for barrels, bulk wine storage in tanks (harvest dependent), as well as Alternating Proprietorships. Each client’s winemaker will collaborate with our team to bring their goals and objectives to life. The RD Winery Collective is a place where makers and brand owners can come together and pursue their dreams of success in the industry.

We feature a Pellenc Selectiv destemmer or Vega Destemmer, in-house lab analysis utilizing a FOSS, portable density meter (DMA) to track fermentations, hot and cold temperature-controlled fermentation tanks, access to fermentation & aging data through InnoVint, and on-site bottling on our very own Gai Bottling line. We have ample space to host mobile lines as well.

We can take your wine project from inception to the final bottled product. We pride ourselves in great customer service and flexibility. Lets chat about your needs!
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RD Winery
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