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Winemaking Services
Date Posted:
Wednesday, May 22nd
Santa Rosa, CA
Heredia Wine Consulting
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Offering twenty-three years of ultra-premium winemaking and grape-growing expertise, Heredia Wine Consulting is led by industry veteran, Theresa Heredia. A truly passionate winemaking professional with extensive experience in producing cool-climate, site-driven wines. Theresa spent 10 years making wine at Joseph Phelps' Freestone Vineyards, and 12 years as winemaker and Director of Winemaking at Gary Farrell Winery, where she will continue as consulting winemaker. Her winemaking style is all about respecting the fruit and understanding the vineyard, soil composition and everything about the place of origin.

Winegrowing is an artistic, scientific and holistic process that can be challenging to navigate. Theresa can offer guidance to help brands achieve their goals and elevate the quality of their wines to garner the attention of wine critics and consumers alike.

In addition to winemaking services, Heredia Wine Consulting can offer brand ambassadorship services. If your winery needs a “face of the brand”, Theresa has extensive experience and can help to promote your brand. If your winemaking team and/or hospitality staff would like training on tasting & evaluation of blends, we can teach your team how to taste, and how to become effective brand ambassadors.

Heredia Wine Consulting services aim to embrace the history and essence of your brand, while elevating winegrowing practices to ultra-premium quality.

By offering a wide variety of services, the end goal is to help wineries achieve success, brand recognition and prestige.

Consulting services to enhance your wine and your brand:

In the Vineyard
•  Act as liaison between grower partners and client
•  Negotiate grape prices and contract terms
•  Monitor phenological development throughout the growing season, including budbreak, bloom, fruit set and veraison
•  Communicate/collaborate with vineyard management crews to ensure execution of best farming practices, including but not limited to leafing, green drop and fruit thinning
•  Evaluate crop size after bloom & fruit set to determine yields; make adjustments to meet client’s target production goals
•  Scout vineyards in search of premium grape sources
•  Site evaluation
•  Manage grower relations
•  Collect harvest grape samples
•  Maintain harvest & sampling schedules
•  Make picking decisions

In the Winery
•  Determine fermentation and aging regimes
•  Develop detailed winemaking protocols with winemaking team
•  Collaborate with winemaking team to correctly communicate winemaking instructions on work orders; review work orders before wine work takes place
•  Review tank sample results post-harvest to determine rate of additions
•  Teach winemaking team how to evaluate lab results and make decisions about additions
•  Monitor fermentations; taste regularly and evaluate extraction needs throughout fermentation & post-fermentation maceration periods
•  Make press decisions
•  Barrel selection tailored to the qualities of each individual wine
•  Monitor wine quality & completion of primary & secondary fermentations during aging
•  Create, taste and evaluate blends
•  Provide guidance in selection of mobile bottling services
•  Oversee quality of finished wines prior to bottling

Custom Crush
•  Offer guidance in the selection of custom crush facilities
•  Act as a liaison between winery and custom crush facilities
•  Provide oversight from grape to bottle as outlined under winery services

Winery Planning & Development
•  Strategic planning of grape needs and blend case targets to meet budget targets and sales team goals
•  Selection of tank types and sizes
•  Choosing the best red & white grape presses
•  Assist with selection of crush equipment
•  Provide advice on upgrading from old to new equipment
•  Research and select lab equipment; monitor lab protocols for efficiency

Brand Ambassadorship
•  Educate consumers about your brand by attending events
•  Present your brand and educate distributors and buyers
•  Participate on panel discussions

Training of Winemaking Team and Hospitality Staff
-We can teach your team how to:
•  Create ultra-premium blends
•  Learn how to taste and evaluate blends from a winemaking or sales perspective
•  Manage production targets to meet wholesale, DTC and budget targets
•  Coach your team on how to become better brand ambassadors by offering guidance on how to speak to consumers, buyers and distributors to effectively market your brand

Explore the world of wine and discover your perfect blend.

Get in touch. For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit the website or send an email.
Winemaking Services Winemaking Services
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