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got wine? | Discreet Inventory Liquidation
Date Posted:
Wednesday, March 13th
Napa, CA
InterPangea LLC | 5&I Wine Brokers
5&I Wine Brokers is a Napa-based Finished Case Goods & Bulk Wine Liquidator that specializes in the sales & fulfillment of excess winery inventories. Since we are also a Producer, we understand the importance of discreet sales, getting the highest FOB price, and avoiding discounted WineSearcher listings so that your current winery offerings aren’t hurt by discounted sales.

Simply put, we exist to allow you to move previous-vintage case goods and avoid the endless storage and in/out fees associated with these excess inventories. Our proven track record will help you turn your excess case goods and/or bulk wine into positive cashflow for future vintages or other projects.

We work with vetted buyers to protect your brand through the following discreet and privately targeted channels:

- Premium Retailers and Wine Clubs
- Flash Wine Sales Companies that offer your wines to their targeted lists for only a few hours
- Corporate Gifting Programs
- Small-to-Medium sized Grocery Chains

- Sales of Bulk Wines to Reputable Wineries

Please submit your wine offerings to InterPangea LLC with the following information:

Retail Price:

We look forward to assisting you with our proven sales experience and channels.
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InterPangea LLC | 5&I Wine Brokers