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Training in Physiological Pruning
Date Posted:
Monday, November 20th
Napa, CA
Daniel Baron Consulting
Daniel Baron has over 50 years of experience in viticulture, an MS from UC Davis and a Diploma in Pruning from the University of Bordeaux. He will train your vineyard crew in the theory and application of physiological pruning and suckering while respecting your established vineyard training. This method, which has become best practice in the quality vineyards of Europe, will increase longevity and homogeneity of your vineyard and set a pattern of engagement for your vineyard team. Training can be conducted in English, Spanish or French. A two hour tailgate session is followed by a full day of pruning for each pruning style practiced in your vineyard. It is highly recommended to follow up with at least a half day of suckering in the Spring for each pruning method. Available times in January and February are limited, so email immediately to set up an initial meeting.
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Daniel Baron Consulting
Daniel Baron