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Freeze Your Grapes And Juice For Later Use Frozen
Date Posted:
Tuesday, September 5th
Paso Robles, CA
Cold Fronts
Out of state?
Not ready for crush?
Want to hold off fermenting whites and rose and save space for your reds?

With our one of a kind service you can do so much more production without being hit all at once.

We can offer a full service concierge package, where we handle everything from delivering drums and totes to your winery to be filled with juice, then transport the product to our freezer and deliver back to your winery on call anytime. This all comes at a very reasonable price with incredible service to match.

If you are out of state we can consolidate your fruit and juice, we can then ship to you frozen.

Have you wanted to try an ice wine project? We can freeze your juice and deliver it back to you still frozen.

We can freeze your product in Pails, IBC totes as well as drums.
We can also handle storage and delivery of any other product you may have as well.

Freezing juice and must has not shown any negative effects in our years of doing it. It is possible that it cuts down on microbial growth and it certainly does a wonderful job of settling juice.

Let's talk about how we can offer you this incredible one of a kind service all over California.
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